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Subway Surfers is an endless runner mobile game co-developed by Kiloo, private company based in Denmark. It is available on Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone platforms and uses the Unity game engine.


Gardenscapes is a free-to-play game released by Playrix in August 2016. It is available on iOS, Android, Mac OS, Facebook, browser, and Nintendo 3DS. The game combines simulation elements and traditional match-3 mechanics.

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Subway Surfer

Subway Surfers is an endless runner mobile game co-developed by Kiloo, private company based in Denmark. It is available on Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone platforms and uses the Unity game engine.


Subway Surfers is Now Online!

Great news, Surfers! The rumors are true: We have just finished developing a web-based version of your favorite Subway Surfers game. You can now experience all of the same train-hopping, board-surfing thrills from the mobile version in our official Subway Surfers online game. If you love playing this endless runner as a mobile game, then get ready for an even bigger experience in landscape mode. If you haven’t checked the mobile app out yet, now is a great time to get in on the action with this Subway Surfers game online and help our team of surfers navigate the bustling subway. Here is how to play:

Subway Surfers Online Game Objectives & Controls

Help our buddy Jake and his fellow adventurers escape from the meddling inspector as he and his dog chase you down the subway! Get ready to time your moves carefully as you zip down the tracks, because this fast-paced runner will not wait for you. Be extra careful, too, because it’s a very busy time of day, and there’s plenty of construction on the subway. Move left and right between three lanes of train cars, barriers, shrubs, and other obstacles. Press up to jump over shorter obstacles and down to duck under overhangs. Snag as many coins as you can, because these will help you unlock cool bonuses and powerups later on. If you’re just starting to play Subway Surfers online, be prepared for a thrilling and engaging test of your skill and timing. If you wipe out the first couple of runs, that’s okay, you will get much better with practice. Powerups are also very helpful in terms of reaching a high score, nabbing more coins, and staying out of danger.

Need a Boost? Grab a Powerup!

See those little tokens floating around on the subway? Not the gold coins, but the other ones? Try as hard as you can to grab these powerups, because they will give you a serious boost in score! They will also help you stay away from the inspector and, in some cases, the trains. Check them out below

Gravity-defying hoverboards! This is definitely one of our favorite powerups to use because of the adrenaline rush that comes with it. Look for a floating icon of a Jetpack with two green fuel canisters. If you can get to it, you will be launched high above the subway! Boy, there are a lot of coins up here. Dash left and right to grab them all, but be prepared to land soon, because this colorful paint fuel runs out eventually


Super Sneakers Bounce around and bound over huge obstacles with the Super Sneakers! Find this pickup to double your jump height. This will allow you to jump on top of trains all the way from the ground.Like the Jetpack, these also run out after a short amount of time


Coin Magnet Want to earn gold without any effort? If you can manage to find the Coin Magnet, you will be able to draw coins from each of the three lanes without actually being there. This allows you to focus on the trains and the obstacles without being distracted while earning triple the coins


2x Multiplier If you’re the high-achiever type, look for the star-shaped Score Multiplier to shatter that old high score of yours. The 2x Multiplier becomes even more effective when you’ve multiplied your score in other ways, earning you massive points. The coolest part about powerups in this Subway Surfers game is that they can be upgraded using coins. Each time you upgrade a powerup, it increases the duration of its effects. Choose wisely, though, because each of the six upgrades gets more expensive. You can prioritize which powerups you upgrade based on your play style. Do you prefer to leap over danger, find tons of coins, or shoot for the ultimate high score? The choice is yours in this Subway Surfers game.


Subway Surfers Missions Online

Thought that Subway Surfers online was just about nabbing coins and staying out of trouble, did you? Luckily for adventure-seekers, we added several more layers to the gameplay so that you can keep shooting for more objectives and powerful bonuses. You can accomplish one of several Missions, for example, to earn awesome rewards that will help you go for longer runs and higher scores. These Missions are structured to reward daring and skilled surfers for taking risks. For instance, collecting a certain amount of coins, jumping a certain amount of times, rolling, and dodging are all tied to Missions. So, what’s in it for me, you ask? How about Score Multipliers! For every three Missions accomplished, your Score Multiplier increases. Pick up another 2x Multiplier while you’re on a run and you’ll be shattering records in no time!

Go For Cool Awards

If you want even more targets to shoot for while having fun in this Subway Surfers free game, you can strive to earn Awards as well. These are different from Missions in that they take a little more time to earn, but the rewards can give you a huge boost in a number of ways. For example, if you click on the “ME” button from the Subway Surfers game online main menu, you will see a list of available Awards. You can earn these by completing feats in-game as well as unlocking characters and gear. You’ll have to hone your surfing skills and put in serious effort, though, if you want to achieve all Awards because they are focused on long-term play. When you do achieve a goal, you will earn keys, which are valuable for self-revives and other important functions. See the four spray cans? Each of those represents a tier. Each Award tier is more difficult to earn, but will reward you with better loot. But wait, what are those floating letters all about?



The Word Hunt Is On

No, nobody hacked into the game – those floating letters you see are all related. If you can collect them all and form the word for that particular day, you will earn a sweet reward! What’s even better, for every consecutive day that you complete the Word Hunt, the reward will improve. Be warned, though, we don’t just drop these letters right into your path. It’s going to take a little extra effort and quick thinking for you to maneuver yourself into position to grab them!

Subway Surfers Free Customization Options

We couldn’t put Subway Surfers on PC, of course, without providing plenty of customization options in terms of characters, outfits and stylish hoverboards. If you prefer to lurk through the subway swiftly and silently, you can unlock Ninja for 20.000 coins. Going for more of the punk rocker vibe? Spike will help you score big in style. Choose from these and a dozen other characters. To add yet another layer of customization to your surfer, we’ve given most of them multiple outfits that you can unlock. These range from practical to playful – okay, let’s be honest, they’re mostly playful, but that’s half the fun! Zoom down the tracks in Prince K’s jaguar-spotted getup or masquerade as a tuxedo-T-shirt-wearing vampire with King’s “Count” outfit.

These fun and quirky customization options don’t come free, however – you’ll have to play plenty of Subway Surfers on PC to earn enough keys for each. Last but not least is the stunning selection of hoverboards available for you to unlock in this Subway Surfers free game. Do you live for speed? Hop on the jet-powered Daredevil to get a serious speed boost! Prefer to lay back and chill as you cruise down the tracks? The Lowrider hoverboard will help you keep a low profile while relaxing and avoiding obstacles. Choose from these and fifteen other souped-up rides to express yourself in style as you play Subway Surfers online. Whether you’re a diehard fan of the mobile app or a newcomer to Subway Surfers, we welcome you to try this Subway Surfers free online game for web browsers. Cruise casually for a while or grind for serious points and rewards – the choice is yours! Happy surfing, and keep your head down.


Surfing With Style: About Subway Surfers The Game

Little does the grumpy inspector know, you’re not just a curious kid hanging out in the subway – you’re a train-hopping, jetpack-riding, subway-surfing action hero! The chase is on in this Subway Surfers app, where you have to dodge oncoming trains and dash quickly around obstacles as you flee from the pesky guard and his equally cranky canine friend. Join the Subway Surfers World Tour and help the crew of adventurous heroes, Jake, Tricky & Fresh, achieve unbeatable high scores with the help of amazing powerups and features such as:

  • Gravity-defying hoverboards!
  • A paint-powered jetpack!
  • Crisp graphics and smooth animations!
  • Growing list of more than 70 cool Subway Surfers characters!
Wanna See How It’s Done? Find Subway Surfers On YouTube!
If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest Subway Surfers app content while checking out fun gameplay videos, go to the Kiloo YouTube channel for plenty of teasers, trailers, character highlights, Subway Surfers guide content, and more! They are always adding fresh Subway Surfers videos to keep the community entertained and informed. If you need help with anything, whether it’s grinding for that character you want or gathering expert tips on how to get past those pesky obstacles, the Kiloo YouTube channel is there to help.

Touring The World Since 2013

A true Subway Surfers champion doesn’t simply call it quits after beating that tempting high score, of course. That’s why, in the spirit of keeping the content fresh, the famous World Tour was created! Every few weeks, the Subway Surfers crew travel to a new location, where they can access special-edition characters who are more than happy to show new surfers around. So far, the World Tour has taken plenty of beautiful cities and countries by storm all across the world, including:


Paris: The last time the World Tour stopped here, the surfers got to meet Coco, the beautiful but not very talkative French mime. The Parisian subway tracks are beautifully adorned by charming street-side cafés, shopping centers, and other gorgeous attractions that only Paris can deliver.


Mumbai: Mumbai was never the same after the Subway Surfers World Tour rolled (or ran, rather) through! Just ask Jay, the Indian superstar of the subway, who helped the crew fly through crowded marketplaces, tourist shops and even ancient temples. If you get to go on a future stop, make sure you don’t get too distracted by the beautiful surroundings, however; the trains don’t stop for tourists!


London: Speaking of tourists, Jamie (the London special character) couldn’t stop snapping his camera when the surfers strolled through London, one the most popular World Tour stops. That’s understandable because the snow-topped row houses were a sight to behold.


New York: The very first World Tour stop ever, New York, holds a special place in Subway Surfers history. Tony, the streetwise New York City native and faithful tour guide, was happy to show everybody the ropes – and his sweet skills. If you join on a return trip, just remember – the coppers don’t take kindly to people holding up the subway line!


Tokyo: The surfers dashed their way through the beautiful and bustling cityscape that is Tokyo, where Harumi guided them through beautiful cherry blossom trees, rainbow tunnels, ancient buildings and busy streets. Too bad you can’t stop to take any pictures!


This is just a small taste of the World Tour, which has also taken the Subway Surfers characters to Iceland, Mexico, and dozens of other exotic and challenging locations. Sometimes the World Tour revisits an old favorite, sometimes it travels somewhere new – you have to play Subway Surfers often to find out where the next stop is!

Subway Surfers Tips & Tricks

Sure, swiping left and right or up and down seems easy at first, but when a solid wall of trains is speeding right at you, you will need to have some fancier moves than that! Every once in a while, you will come across a seemingly impossible combination of obstacles. Never fear, we’ve compiled a list of our go-to tips and tricks for Subway Surfers who need a little skill boost First, you will definitely have to perfect the art of switching lanes in mid-air. In many cases, you have to jump up to reach those floating coins while a train is barreling right at you. If you’re daring and quick enough, you can get that coin AND dodge the train by switching lanes in mid-jump at the last second.

Especially if you found yourself a pair of bouncy Super Sneakers, which allow you to jump directly onto a train from the ground, you will sometimes need to land quickly so that you can jump again. Did you know that you can swipe down in mid-air to come crashing back to the ground?
Sometimes, you can actually get in a position where it is impossible to get past a certain set of obstacles, which is why you need to make sure you have plenty of hoverboards. Keep your eyes ahead and make your decision quickly – double tap the screen to use one and hold your breath, because it’s going to get messy when you hit that train! Don’t worry, when the dust settles, you’ll still be sprinting down the tracks!
In general, you should make an effort to remain on top of the trains, as this will give you a better view of the challenges that lurk ahead of you. Keep track of your active missions, because these will increase your Score Multiplier so that you can strive for that jaw-dropping high score. Finally, keep your eyes peeled for powerups at all times! Once you have enough coins, you can upgrade your powerups so their effects last longer.

Surfing Down Memory Lane: Subway Surfers Milestones

Thanks to a growing following of dedicated surfers, the developers of the game have been able to spend the past six years adding content, making improvements, and most amazingly, winning awards with Subway Surfers. May of 2012 was when the daydreams of train-hopping adventurers became a reality with the release of Subway Surfers on the App Store. Shortly after, in September of the same year, the game was released on the Google Play store.

In January of 2013, the surfers traveled to the first World Tour destination: New York City. The spring and summer of 2014 were a busy time for updates, as the Spray Can Awards, Top Run, and Daily Events schedule features were all introduced before the summer was out. After all of the work put into development, promotion, and updates through the first three years of Subway Surfers, the community rewarded Subway Surfers with some incredible achievements.

In September of 2015, the game surpassed the 1-billion Subway Surfers download mark, and in December of 2017, Subway Surfers was announced the most downloaded game in the world for that year. Possibly Subway Surfers’ greatest achievement yet was becoming the first game to ever surpass 1 billion downloads on the Google Play store in March of 2018. It got even better two months later when it reached the 2-billion Subway Surfers download mark worldwide (across all platforms)! If you’re a seasoned surfer, you are part of a fantastic story. If you’re just joining the Subway Surfers World Tour, welcome on board!

App description

Subway Surfers begins with the main character illegally spray painting the side of a train. Upon tapping the screen, a guard or police officer appears and the main character starts running away (into the screen). Players must run along the train line, dodging fast moving on-coming trains (and running along the tops of them) whilst gathering collectables such as coins and special items. Coins can be used to buy new characters and hover boards. Keys can also be collected – which allow the player to continue the current run if they get caught. The aim of the game is to run as far as possible without hitting a train or object and getting caught by the police officer. All movements are made by swiping the screen (move left and right, up = jump and down = roll under). Only gross motor and fast reaction time skills are required to play. Due to the criminal nature of this game (and saturated advertising and Facebook features) ACCM does not recommend that children under 13 play. Parental guidance is recommend for children aged 13 -15.

Reviewers comments

Some parents may view this game as glamorising breaking the law. The title screen shows the character clearly knowing that he shouldn’t be vandalising the train with graffiti – as he cautiously looks around between sprays. Further to this, the collectables along the train lines come dangerously close to speeding on-coming trains. As this game is quite bright and colourful, with cute looking animated characters, this may trivialise criminal activity for some. Facebook is a prominent feature of this game. Not only are top scores instantly compared with other Facebook users, but it is frequently suggested that players connect to Facebook to complete with other friends and earn bonuses. Clicking on the “connect to Facebook” feature does require a password, but there is also an option to create a new account.

In App purchasing

The following items can be purchased:

  • Stack of coins (7500) – $1.49
  • Pile of coins (450,000) – $7.99
  • Bag of coins (180,000) – $30.99
  • Chest of coins (5,000,000) – $79.99
  • Vault of coins (1,200,000) – $159.99
  • Bunch of Keys (25) – $7.99
  • Heap of Keys (110) – $30.99
  • Sack of Keys (300) – $79.99
  • Crate of Keys (650) – $159.99

Online information

  • Connecting with Facebook will provide “Subway Surfers” with your public profile.


There was no gambling within the game itself, but some of the advertising pop-ups featured gambling games.

Advertising and product placement

  • There is heavy advertising in this game. Full screen ads will appear between games and switching between screens. There are also many 30 seconds ads for other games which will often appear without prior warning (one of these was for a slot machine game).

Gender stereo types and sexual references

None noted

Coarse language

None noted

Game playing behaviour which may be of concern to some parents

  • This app may encourage some children to behave in an imitative way, which includes some anti-social behaviour. See reviewer’s comments above.

The demarcation of a mobile game has changed rapidly over the past few years, yet the most popular games on the App Store still tend to be those that can be played in short bursts at any time without much introduction. Subway Surfers [Free] definitely fits that bill, and is a game you’ll keep coming back to, unable to pull away for too long at a time. An easy way to describe Subway Surfers is as yet another version of an endless runner that plays just like Temple Run, but with some major twists that actually make the game a much more entertaining experience in many ways.


The core of the game has you running along a set of subway tracks for as long as you can away from the screen, collecting coins and other power-ups on the path ahead while avoiding a series of obstacles like actual trains, light posts, wooden barricades, tunnels and more. You’ll be able swipe your finger left or right on the screen to make your character switch between one of the three vertical tracks, but you’ll always keep moving forward. Consistently awesome controls bolster this. Adding variety to the formula are power-ups that can be collected to improve your score. The Jetpack and Coin Magnet help earn you a ton of coins (the former allows you to launch above the train tracks entirely in a mad-dash to grab coins), while the Sneakers and Multiplier (temporary boosts that increase your running speed or score) barely earn you any additional coins and will likely put you in harm’s way in attempting to collect them.

You can also complete a series of missions that reward you with even more coins along the way. Any of these power-ups, along with a few additional one-time use items like the hoverboard, can be upgraded with the coins you collect while playing. Yes, you can purchase coins if you want, but you earn them at a fairly rapid clip on your own so it’s not necessary to buy anything with real money if you don’t want to. Being given the option to spend real cash or not on coins is a great bonus, but is a precedent that should be the model by now on iOS. While Surfers already has its entertainment value going for it, it’s also technically great.

The characters have a cute look to them, the environments are colorful and bright, and the animation is fluid without any noticeable hitches. This isn’t innovative or the first of its kind, but Surfers does expand and evolve what we’ve come to know as the endless runner. Sure, you might think you’re done with these types of games, but reconsidering with a dose of Subway Surfers wouldn’t be a waste of your time.



Every now and again a game will come along in the arcade genre of the mobile games category that will fully capture our attention, particularly because it is very good. Subway Surfers is just such a game, being what we would classify as an action-adventure and arcade-style game with definite hints of the traditional platform-style arcade game. Developed by Studio SYBO Games, and published by Kiloo in May of 2012, the game was released specifically for mobile touch-based play on the Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows Phone platforms and is aimed specifically at younger gamers.


The simple premise of the game story is that its protagonist (you), a young delinquent (aka hooligan because in Europe they don’t refer to young offenders as, well, young offenders, they call them hooligans) are caught personally vandalizing a train station / platform / car / facility, and naturally you must attempt to evade the Police Inspector (and often his dog) who give chase.

Using a combination of Parkour and mad hooligan skateboard skills you attempt to make your escape as they chase you through the station and tunnels, down the tracks and out into the urban areas because (1) this is not really focused on the non-existent subways of Denmark and elsewhere, but rather it is focused on trains and train tracks, and (2) Subway Surfers sounds WAY cooler than Train Surfers – even though really you are Train Surfing – but still.

The wizards behind its creation are very much in-touch with the minds and creative urges of that younger segment of the gaming community, which may be why they have tailored its updates and expansion scheme around traditional holidays. Of even more interest is the manner in which that approach to content updates has evolved with a focus upon exploring the world and embracing its holidays. You see, since a major game update in January 2013, the updates path has taken a decidedly focused direction, being aimed at what the game developers have defined as a “Subway Surfer’s World Tour” which places the game setting for each new update to cover a new holiday in a new city every month. It may help to better understand the partly-educational and decidedly infotainment based approach of the game to know that it was created by Danish studios Kiloo and SYBO Games, whose focus, while it is certainly commercial, tends to place quality of entertainment and game play experience above profits.

The Characters While the game is focused upon the primary protagonist character and the Police Inspector charged with capturing them, there are some twists here that need to be considered. First of all, there are more than two characters in the game, but at the start the only two characters present are Jake (the protagonist) and The Inspector (the antagonist). Well and some pets. Sort of… First let’s meet the main characters shall we?

JAKE: A hooligan who looks just like Lilo (from the unconnected Disney series Lilo & Stitch) but who is in fact a boy – is our protagonist and main character at the start of the game. Jake is an accomplished tagger, expert hooligan, and all-around pleasant and very fast fella who, when confronted by The Man will immediately flee in any direction that is not towards the police. Just saying. Jake is the default character (there are others that you will unlock as you play) who happens to be the mascot of the publisher and co-developer Kiloo Games. That fact is rather interesting when you stop to consider that Jake really DOES closely resemble Lilo – so it is a good thing he is a boy and not a girl, right? Because Disney does not have a sense of humor about that sort of thing, and casting Lilo in the role of tag-happy hooligan would probably result in a lawsuit.

INSPECTOR: The Inspector is a bit of a mystery. We say that because while he exists in every city we visit, and while he has his trusty sidekick along in every city we visit, the fact that he takes on the role of BOTH Inspector AND special Holiday Character is a rather unique development and characteristic of this game. What we mean by that is, for example, that while we were playing the game for review The Inspector was actually dressed as – and appeared to be – Santa Clause. Which only makes sense considering that it is that time of year! In other times we are told he has appeared in other appropriate uniforms, examples of which include Frankenstein’s Monster (with a Skeleton Dog sidekick) when the game was set in New Orleans over the Halloween Holiday. During the second and third visits to Rome and Paris over the Spring he appeared as the Easter Bunny. We are told that During the second London edition and the North Pole (Xhristmas 2015) he was dressed as Santa Claus.

AMOUX: This is the proper name for the Inspector’s Dog – a bull terrier in most editions, but it appears to be a German Shepherd in the New York edition. Hey, did you know that Amoux changes his appearance along with the Inspector for the various holidays? Well he does! Amoux’s appearances have included: Reindeer (Christmas), and a Skeleton Dog (Halloween) – use your imagination for other holidays, right?

OTHER CHARACTERS There are other characters that you can play as, but they are all locked at the start of the game, and must be unlocked either through game play or in-app purchase. You may be interested to know that many of the characters are what might be considered non-traditional – while others are stereotypes. The characters unlocked via collections of in-game objects generally have some sort of specific association to the objects, which often represent some sort of character-focused attribute — which are found in the game world, and generally tend to be along the path that the player is running along.

During our review over the Christmas Holiday we had the option to add a special character called Elf Tricky (Tricky is a female character you unlock and can play as, and the “Elf Tricky” is in fact just an alternate uniform for her with a Christmas connection). Unlocking her Holiday variant would have cost us .99 cents if we had found her so irresistible that we succumbed to the urge to pay for her. Logging into Facebook (and connecting the game socially) resulted in unlocking the character of Dino, and there are other actions that will unlock other characters, so you see it is not simply collections and money. We just wanted you to know that.

The characters that you have to pay to unlock are purely optional – so you can theoretically play the game completely without spending any money at all. Well, in theory anyway; in practice some of the premium characters are actually highly desirable – remember we pointed out that the wizards behind the creation of this game are very well in-touch with the minds of its target audience. We are just saying…

Special Screens You can access a special Characters Screen in-game that displays all of the characters – both the ones you have access to and the ones you have yet to unlock – as well as any special and limited time characters who, when you tap on them on this screen, reveal the conditions required to unlock or obtain them. That page and the individual character screens on it are where you go to collect any prizes or character-specific bonus items (of which there are many) you may have unlocked through game play as well. The Primary Characters in the game include a set of different sub-collections, each of which is based partly on locations and partly on holiday, but ALSO includes two types of Limited Time and two types of Standard characters. To avoid confusion we present all of the playable characters below, divided by region, with flags to denote type:

Limited Characters The following Limited Time Characters are attached to first the location and then, in some cases, the Holiday Event.

  • Africa: Jasmine (f – Cairo) 95K Coins, Zuri (f – Kenya) 95K Coins.
  • Asia: Amira (f – Arabia) 95K Coins, Dino (u – Bangkock) Facebook Gift, Harumi (f – Tokyo) 95K Coins, Jay (m – Mumbai) 95K Coins, Mina (f – Seoul) 95K Coins, Noon (f – Bangkok) 95K Coins, Sun (m – Beijing) 95K Coins.
  • Australasia: Kim (f – Sydney) 95K Coins.
  • Europe: Alex (f – Moscow) 95K Coins, Buddy the Christmas Snowman (m? – London 2014 / North Pole 2015) 95K Coins, Coco (m – Paris) 95K Coins, Jamie (m – London) 95K Coins, Marco (m – Venice) 95K Coins, Mike (m – Transylvania) 95K Coins, Roberto (m – Rome) 95K Coins.
  • North America: Eddy (m – New Orleans) 95K Coins, Izzy (m – Hawaii) 95K Coins, Nick (m – Miami) 95K Coins, Olivia (f – Vancouver) 95K Coins, Rex (m – Las Vegas) 95K Coins, Rosa (f – Mexico City) 95K Coins, Tony (m – New York) 95K Coins, Wayne (m – Los Angeles) 95K Coins, Zombie Jake (m – New Orleans) 95K Coins.
  • South America: Carmen (f – Rio) 95K Coins, Edison (m – Sao Paulo) 95K Coins.

Primary Characters The following Core Characters are attached to the main game from the start but with the exception of Jake must first be unlocked in order to be played.

Brody (m – Core) 350K Coins,

Dino (u – Core) Reward,

Frank (m – Core) 40K Coins,

Fresh (m – Core) Collection,

Frizzy (f – Core) 150K Coins,

Jake (m – Core) Free,

King (m – Core) 80K Coins,

Lucy (f – Core) 7K Coins,

Ninja (m – Core) 20K Coins,

Prince K (m – Core) 980K Coins,

Spike (m – Core) Collection,

Tagbot (u – Core) 12K Coins,

Tasha (f – Core) 30K Coins,

Tricky (f – Core) Collection,

Yutani (u – Core) Collection, and finally

Zoe (f – Core) 120K Coins. So yeah, with that consideration in the forefront of our brains, it would be an idea to make every effort we can to unlock and claim each of the Limited Time Characters if at all possible, since you have to wait a year or so for the holiday ones to come around again – and that assumes that the same characters will be on offer for that repeated holiday, which is not guaranteed.


Boards – as in Skateboard, Planks – You Ride There is a “Boards” Screen on which you can select, change, or purchase the Skateboard you use in the active play. The Boards available when we played ranged in price and style and included an event-specific limited time board which we assume is usual? Boards are obtained with Gold Coins. During our Review Play the following Boards were available for unlocking and purchase:

  • Big Kahuna (65K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys
  • Bouncer (280K Coins) Special Power = Super Jump
  • Choo Choo (50K Coins) Limited Time Christmas Board
  • Daredevil (856K Coins) Special Power = Speed Up
  • Freestyler (45K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys
  • Great White (20K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys
  • Hot Rod (280K Coins) Special Power = Speed Up
  • Hoverboard (Starter)
  • Lowrider (320K Coins) Special Power = Stay Low
  • Lumberjack (4K) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys
  • Monster (30K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys
  • Scoot (35K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys
  • Skull Fire (75K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys
  • Starboard (Gift) x1 Gifted Move / x1 Key Move
  • Sunset (12K Coins) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys
  • Superhero (8K) +2 Special Moves bought w/Keys
  • Teleporter (220K Coins) Special Power = Zap Sideways
  • Windglider (360K Coins) Special Move = Smooth Drift

Make no mistake – just like the Limited Time Character selection there are actually a LOT of different Boards that can be obtained depending on the location and holiday. The general play value suggests that while characters should be your main focus, getting boards whenever you can is also a pretty good idea. Special Outfits In addition to the Limited Time Characters and Holiday Specific Characters you will also notice that there are special uniforms or costumes (just think of them as “outfits”) that are specific to locations and the holiday being celebrated there – so for example the Primary Character of Brody received the following Limited-by-Region bonus outfits – IF you managed to claim them that is:

  • Brody’s “Posh” Outfit (x35 Keys) at Seoul
  • Brody’s “Chill” Outfit (x70 Keys) at Mexico City

The m / f / u designates male, female, and unspecified respectively. Note that the Coins and Keys are ALSO part of the freemium scheme in that they can be purchased, in packets, for real-world money.


Game Play

Subway Surfers is what is known as an “endless running” game — that is to say that it only ends when the player fails to make a jump/duck/roll or leap and crashes, pausing long enough to be captured. The basic game play mechanics begin with the players taking on the role of a teenage hooligan who, upon being caught in the act of tagging graffiti on a metro railway car and site – because we are sure that that sort of thing happens all the time in Denmark – is subsequently run down by whatever character applies to the current holiday (in the case of our review play that would be Santa Clause) as they seek to escape by running and/or skating down the tracks. The Police Inspector (and as previously noted, often his dog) give chase as the hooligan makes their escape run, the idea being that eventually the hooligan (you) will make a mistake, crash into something, and be captured – because hey, the law must triumph, right? As they make their escape attempt however, the player is tasked with jumping over or sliding under some obstacles, making long leaps off of ramps, and otherwise performing platform-style Parkour moves while at the same time grabbing and collecting any gold coins that happen to appear on their escape path either in the air or floating just off of the ground, because gold. Of course they must do that coin collecting whilst simultaneously dodging collision objects like walls, bins, tips, and railway cars as well as an assortment of potentially holiday-related other objects. In addition to the regular assortment of gold coins there may also be present other special objects — and in particular the objects that are part of the regular “Weekly Hunt” event that may result in a special award for the player! There are also collection objects that are used to unlock additional Primary Characters in the game. To take away some of the sting of your eventual capture – the game always ends with you being captured you see – the wizards behind Subway Surfers have added in what we can only define as random power-up objects to help improve your score. These often take the form of some pretty cool kit – including coin magnets, jet-packs, score multiplier tokens, and super sneakers, just to name a few.

Completing special actions can result in the award of keys (a type of in-game currency) as well as special awards, and you can track your progress towards the three active reward targets via the Awards Page in the game. The true beauty of this game – and its game play – is down to just how simple it is. Simple, but also complicated – because within that simplicity is a game that relies heavily upon the excellent hand-to-eye coordination for which the young are particularly noted. So what we have, in essence, is an extremely addictive and attractive game with simplistic game play mechanics that promotes goal-oriented play while at the same time featuring contextual geographical and cultural infotainment. So yeah, cool, right?

My Take

Subway Surfers may very well be the best implementation of touchscreen controls in a mobile game pretty much ever. Seriously – the controls scheme is about as intuitive as you can get – and the fact that there are no life-limits, no standard begging screens, and no forced spending in this title are stand-out features! When playing the game for the first time – actually when playing ANY time that the game has updated and thus changed its location and/or holiday event – we strongly recommend that you create a game play plan BEFORE you start playing your first session following the update. The reason for that is actually very simple – you should evaluate the new charcters and kit that have been added to the game or changed in the game so that you know what you will want to be working towards unlocking and purchasing. That way you have a plan and a set of goals to work towards, and hey, just like in real life when you set attainable goals in a game you basically increase your satisfaction from that activity and your efforts in it. For example when we sat down to review the game the new location was the North Pole (you can determine location from the main play screen) and the holiday was Christmas (naturally). When we checked the changes for content we discovered that a new Board (Choo Choo) was added for 50K Gold Coins, and under the Characters Tab the following were now available:

  • Buddy (Holiday Special Character) 95K Gold Coins (Timer Limited – must obtain by 30 December 2015).
  • Elf Tricky (Holiday Special Outfit) .99 cents real-world funds.
  • Dino (Costumed Character) If you have not yet logged in and attached yoru game to your Facebook Account doing that now will ALSO unlock and add the character Dino – for free – which is pretty spiffy you know? So yeah, do that.

So yeah, our game plan for this holiday will thus be a need for 145K Gold Coins (to obtain Buddy and the Choo Choo Plank). Simple enough but good to know!

Chuckle-Factor It is, for lack of a specific title, what we like to think of as an ethical freemium title that, while it is aimed directly at kids, has all of the hallmarks in challenge, entertainment, and play variety so as to appeal across the age spectrum. Now that said, prepare to be very amused… You see the wizards behind the creation of Subway Surfers somehow managed – without even trying – to build into their game a truly impressive number of tropes. Rhetoricians would have a field day analyzing this game, especially when you stop to consider that Subway Surfers pretty much spans the entire range of tropes, including hyperbole, irony, litotes, metaphor, metonymy, oxymoron, and synecdoche. Yeah, I know, you want some examples…

Well, examples of the rather creative use of tropes for the game and its story — and while we are not going to create an exhaustive list or anything, our favorites seem worthy of noting – and include the following: Alliterative Trope: Trains vs. Subways? This one is clearly unintentional but, considering that the vast majority of the cities that the player will visit through game play do not contain Subway facilities let alone Subway Trains, in reality the “Surfing” that we do is really “Train Surfing” and not “Subway Surfing” but — and here is the thing — Train Surfer simply does not sound as sexy and smooth as the phrase “Subway Surfer” which just sort of rolls off the tongue and offers a better mental image to most players than does “Train Surfer”. Just saying… Ambiguous Gender Trope: Is it a boy? Is it a girl? We really need Nick Dundee to check for us because in this era of instant lawsuits and Lawyer-in-a-box convenience, we are NOT taking chances ourselves!

Examples of this trope include: Yutani (though we are leaning towards girl ourselves) / Jake (really does look like Lilo you know?) / Dino (well obviously the name suggests boy but still). Some players think that Buddy should be included but we don’t think so… The Bus Returns Trope: (See the Rarity High Trope) As you are at the mercy of the wizards who create the game in terms of Limited Time Character/Object repeats, you have to hope that (a) the update that takes you back to New Orleans / New York / Rome / Tokyo, etc. happens to do that for the same Holiday (a double repeat) AND (b) the missing character (Harumi, Roberto, Tony, Wayne, etc.) is actually present to be purchased again. Endless Game / Failing to Win Trope: Considering that the basic mechanics for Subway Surfers is the Endless Running Game Trope, the fact that it also encompasses the Failing-to-Win Trope is pretty special. What I mean by that is that – risking blame for using an edited and slightly interpreted but very over-used declaration line from pretty much every action movie ever made: Failure Is the Only Option.

Think about it – you can’t dodge obstacles forever, right? Of course you can’t! So assuming that you are like me and really hate to use Keys to continue play — I only do that when there is a rare object on screen that I KNOW I can collect – well, there you go!

Free-Range Children Trope: Despite the fact that there are clearly adults in this game world – after all the Inspector happens to be one – almost every child in the game world (including yoru Zombie Version) appears to completely lack any adult supervision! In fact you guys seem to not only lack it, but really like hanging out in totally inappropriate and dangerous locations – like rail yards and train stations ON THE TRACKS! At night. Clearly they never heard of the concept of Stranger Danger in Denmark. We’re just saying…

Luck-Based Collection Trope: So here is the thing — and SS is literally packed with this — pretty much any “Collect X number of Objects during a single Run” type quest totally depends on the item actually showing up during the course of your run – and you being lucky enough to pick the right side path to claim it!

The Nationality Stereotypes Trope: Okay this one we have to admit is like Trope-Crack — extremely difficult to resist — so we totally understand why the wizards behind the creation of Subway Surfers ended up being incapable of resisting its lure with the more obvious examples including Alex (Ethnic “Hip” Dancer), Carmen (Carnival Dancer), Coco (Mime), Marco (Gondola Master), Rex (Elvis Impersonator), Roberto (Football Hooligan and Scooter Boy). This trope applies specifically to the Limited Time Characters – those being the ones that have holiday and location restrictions built right in.

Parkour Trope: Yep, they use an athletic skill and sport that, outside of France where it was invented, nobody actually really fully understands! For example, does a jumping jack count as Parkour? Heck this is totally appropriate for Subway Surfers because the father of the guy that pretty much invented this (or at least popularized it) often refers to it as “skateboarding without a board.”

The Powerful Girl Trope: A strong female protagonist who is very good at both evading obstacles and solving physical problems. Her strength is that she is just as good as – perhaps even better than – men in the same role. In this case the protagonist happens to enjoy the distinction of being rather cute AND capable – encompassing Amira, Kim, Noon, Tricky, Rarity High or Lost Forever Character Trope: Basically this applies to any of the Limited Time Character (and for that matter the Limited Time Objects) that have timer deadlines for the current event.

Because unless you claim them, you are basically at the mercy of the wizards who make the game in terms of when — or more accurately IF — you will ever have the chance to return to that location under the proper circumstances that would cause that character/object to be available. We really enjoy playing this simple little platformer and we are not alone. According to the most recent figures released by the studio, Subway Surfers has an average daily audience of something like 30 million players, with over a billion total downloads, and they are projecting that this will only get better in 2016! After playing this game way more than we really should have, and applying the standard evaluation formula to it, it was not really that big a surprise to discover that it scored a perfect 10 out of 10 – especially considering it is a Freemium Title… But it did hit the perfect score, and it earned it.

As it is a Freemium Title that can be played without spending any money, there really is no way to determine cost so no Average Admission Price. The fact that it is pretty much open-ended, and the fact that the wizards responsible for the game continue to add new content monthly, there is no upper limit in terms of time, and of course as it is a Freemium game we can very easily give it the coveted PERFECT BUY rating! So there you have it.

Parents: Probably the only thing that you need to know is that Subway Surfers is an endless-runner game that is similar to games like Temple Run — though to be fair it is a lot more friendly in terms of content than that example. Despite taking place in a dangerous train yard or subway station, and despite the fact that the protagonist is basically on the run from the Police – there is no blood or gore on display and it seems that, despite the game requiring the player to basically derf into a wall or over an object for it to end – or get hit by a train – there is not likely to BE blood or gore. Ah, but then again the game has not visited Chicago recently – and what with the police there being… Ahem. Yeah, no blood or gore. Finally there is the point that this is a Freemium Title – but happily we can report that while it IS that, it is NOT one of the mercenary types that tries to either trick or coerce the player into spending money. Nope, when a player spends money in this game, it is because they MEANT to . So yeah, nothing to be concerned about unless that changes.


Gardenscapes is a free-to-play game released by Playrix in August 2016. It is available on iOS, Android, Mac OS, Facebook, browser, and Nintendo 3DS. The game combines simulation elements and traditional match-3 mechanics.

Turn back the clock only one year, and it felt like the matching/puzzle game genre was locked up and dominated by one player: King. Since last year, things have changed. King’s still on top, but there has been a new contender slowly moving up the charts. Playrix, a veteran casual game developer, has created two huge hits on mobile: Fishdom and Gardenscapes. In particular, each of these games has shown that there is more than one way to monetize off a puzzle game audience.

Gardenscapes: New Acres by Playrix has now been a staple in the Top Grossing charts since September 2016, showing no signs of fading.  Gardenscapes has made many companies within the puzzle genre turn their heads. It’s the first major successful innovation in the puzzle genre since 2012 when Candy Crush launched on mobile. So what has Playrix done with Gardenscapes that so many have failed to do?


The History of PlayRix & Gardenscapes

To understand the success of Gardenscapes, we have to go back to the history of Playrix and the Gardenscapes brand.

Playrix as a company started in 2004, building casual downloadable games for PCs. They specialized in matching and hidden object games. Playrix during its early days released many successful titles like Fishdom, Gardenscapes, Farmscapes, 4 Elements and Royal Envoy.
It’s interesting to note that, Big Fish, PopCap and Playrix all competed within the casual market in these formative years. It’s not a coincidence that many of the top puzzle game developers today competed back in the casual PC market more than a decade ago. Similar to the competitive market of launching casual games in 2017, developers during the casual PC downloadable era fought to try to stand out with new mechanics and new themes. Casual game companies attempted to innovate on the match 3 formula by adding simulation elements, decoration elements, darker themes and narrative elements.

PlayRix competed in a market from 2004 which mimicked the competitive trends we’re seeing now on the AppStore. They’ve seen the cycles that match 3 players go through after playing too many bejeweled clones. Focusing on narrative & decoration had already been proven, only 10 years prior. By 2009, Playrix moved into Free-to-play and launched their first simulation game, Township, onto Facebook. By 2013, they had redesigned and launched Township on mobile. After porting over Fishdom, the pressure was on to port over their Gardenscapes IP.


Gardenscapes, the Hidden Object Game

Gardenscapes on PC actually was not a matching game, but a hidden object game. As you can see from the above video, it was less about decorating a garden and more about running a bed and breakfast, looking after the guests that come visiting. What’s interesting is comparing these old games to now — the characters, the animation style, the UI/UX design have all stayed consistent with the latest New Acres release. So when it came time for Gardenscapes to follow in the footsteps of Fishdom and Township, this would have been PlayRix’s first Hidden Object game in free to play. According to VentureBeat, Gardenscapes for mobile was in development for over four years. It can’t have been an easy project. Regardless, after four years of creating hidden object gameplay, gardenscapes was soft launched in 2015, with the same story, characters & features you see in Gardenscapes: New Acres today (just without the match 3).
Watch this video to see how Gardenscapes soft launched:

During the course of this soft launch, Playrix decided to shift their strategy from making a Hidden Object game to making a Match 3 game. This decision can not have been an easy decision to make. Most developers would sooner throw away a game than make such a drastic change so late in development. Regardless, PlayRix ported over the matching gameplay from Fishdom (their only mobile match 3 game at the time) and soft launched again in 2016. Playrix must have seen promise with shifting away from Hidden Object, because after this change to matching gameplay, Gardenscapes grew to become the success we know today. So why is it that the match 3 gameplay turned Gardenscapes into a hit?


2 Reasons why Gardenscapes Pivoted

For creating long lasting free to play games, a match 3 style core will always beat out hidden object style core. It comes down 2 reasons: the scalability of content, and the ability to monetize from the core gameplay.


Reason 1: Scalability of Content

As discussed many times before, driving the most value from your content is imperative to free to play success. In content driven games like Hidden Object and Matching games, where players rip through content quickly, it’s increasingly important to minimize the amount of time it takes you to build content while maximizing value and replayability of this content. Matching games have a huge leg up when it comes to the simplicity of creating new content. As I discussed in my GDC talk regarding the scalability of content, Matching games typically take about 6-8 hours to produce one level. This includes concept, implementation, balancing, testing, and polishing. The actual content in the level (the art, the mechanics, the pieces) are all reused many times throughout all levels, and players are usually asked to replay the same level multiple times before progressing. Thus, content is relatively easy to produce and players are happy to re-play similar content over and over. This is a healthy content cost.

To create content in Hidden Object games, the process is significantly more expensive. There is the arduous process of creating the backgrounds, the pieces in the scene, on top of the level design and balancing of each level. This content is far less likely to be repeated through multiple scenes — each scene has a new colour palette and lighting is completely different, using the same content over and over makes the scenes feel awkward and easy to spot. Objects which don’t have the same shadows or obviously look pasted onto a scene make the gameplay trivial. Content takes significantly longer to produce for each hidden object level, content can’t be easily reused, and game designers have to get really creative at pushing players to replay the same level over and over again just to keep a healthy content consumption for their players. As a result, Match 3 games can create more content significantly faster than hidden object games can, and this content can last longer. This is exactly what you’re looking for in a content-driven game.


Reason 2: Monetizing from the Core

The biggest difference between a Hidden Object core gameplay and a matching puzzle game is that a puzzle game can effectively monetize off its core gameplay, where as a Hidden Object game can’t.

Hidden Object games typically monetize only through hints. Can’t find an object in the scene? Use a hint to let us guide you to the object. This helps players finish a level, but isn’t nearly as powerful a driver as +3 moves or in-game boosters in match 3 games. Why? Because hidden object games don’t have failure states.
In Pearl’s Peril, Criminal Case and the original New Acres release (as seen above), a player can only maximize their score in a level, there is no chance that you can lose a round. Hidden Object games incentivize players to find all objects in a limited time, but they don’t have a state where a player can’t progress in the level. Most Hidden object games instead monetize off of pushing players to grind a stage multiple times over rather than block the player from progress whether they win a level or not. As a result, Hidden object games typically have to get far more creative to monetize off their player base, usually relying significantly more on a timer-filled metagame in order to pace players.
Conversely, match 3 games can monetize very effectively off their core gameplay. Because there is a failure state (you can run out of moves before completing the level), players are invested in winning the level to progress. When running out of moves, players are incentivized to use premium boosts to win the level, or else they will lose all their progress in the level up to that point. There is significantly more pinch to monetize in matching games over hidden object. On top of being able to monetize through boosts, match 3 games can pace through luck, rather than only skill. In an excellent GDC presentation, Florian Steinhoff directly talks about the power that luck has in pacing players. Due to luck, level designers can ensure that all players, regardless of skill level, are paced appropriately within a level. Match 3 games contain so much luck that designers can balance each level with a fair degree of certainty that players of all skill levels will come close to winning even if they lose — the recipe for strong retention and strong monetization. Hidden Object games, with their pre-placed objects and skill driven core gameplay, can’t boast the same. As a result, Gardenscape made a very important design decision. Rather than allow players to purchase stars to progress through In-App Purchases, in Gardenscapes you can only purchase coins, which can be turned into boosts, lives, and extra moves. They fully leaned on their matching gameplay to monetize rather than allowing players to ignore the match 3 gameplay and skip ahead.
In Gardenscapes, players can only purchase boosters in the core gameplay. Unlocking Narrative and Decorations can only be done by winning the match 3 levels
In Gardenscapes, players can only purchase boosters in the core gameplay. Unlocking Narrative and Decorations can only be done by winning the match 3 levels

This is the critical reason why Gardenscapes as a match 3 game monetizes so well. By only allowing purchases of boosts, players can’t buy progress, they have to earn it. Players have to roll the dice with the match 3 gameplay in order to unlock the content that they want, and these levels require plenty of patience or boosts to win.


Taking Lessons from Hidden Object

PlayRix’s swap to a match 3 core seemed to have paid off. But while they moved to matching as a core, they still kept the metagame of their original hidden object game. By keeping the narrative and the decoration aspects it separated Gardenscapes from all other matching games while leveraging all the content they had already built.

Gardenscapes has a compelling narrative which drives the game forward between match 3 gameplays. This style of narrative may not be your preference, but the light narrative of slowly cleaning up and building out your garden is clearly compelling for their target audience. It’s refreshing to see more free to play genres prove the impact of narrative on retention. A story can be just as compelling to pull a player a long as a saga map or a leaderboard, if done right. On top of a long, overarching narrative, Gardenscapes allows its players to choose how to decorate their garden as they rebuild it. Players slowly rebuild a massive overgrown garden. As you clean up the areas, you’re allowed to decorate it. But the key decision here is that players are only allowed slot based decoration.
Instead of allowing players to place decorations freely, they can only choose from a limited set of decorations in any area of the game. See for example the lampposts above — this can only be chosen from 3 different styles, and it replaces all 4 instances. This of course lacks in self-expression, but obviously keeps their usability issues and production costs in check. Players are restricted to creating similar, nice looking gardens, and this gives players clearer goals.
Comparing goal setting in Gardenscapes to Fishdom shows this. In Fishdom, players are allowed to spend their coins on as many decorations as they’d like, and progressing in the saga is only meaningful if you actually desire the content unlocked in the late game. Players can quickly feel overwhelmed with the choices Fishdom offers to decorate and spend coins. Also in fishdom, PlayRix constantly has to come out with new and desirable content — otherwise their players have little reason to grind. Gardenscapes however streamlines this process and always gives players limited choices: this is far more effective for casual audiences.

Lastly, Gardenscapes chose the right approach when crafting the core loop. In order to unlock decorations in your garden or progress the story, players must trade in their stars for progress. Each star is earned by completing a level, an easy to understand system. This system could never monetize on its own, but because the match 3 core game can monetize and pace players so effectively — it never needed to. Gardenscapes have crafted a perfect core loop: Their decorations and narrative teases players to stick around for the long haul, while their core can effectively pace and monetize of its player base.


In Summary: The 4 Keys to Gardenscapes Success

The success of Gardenscapes was a long time coming. PlayRix has been in the business of making successful casual games for nearly 14 years. So when Gardenscapes was soft launched in 2015 and didn’t meet their expectations, they did what most companies would never do: pivoted successfully to an entirely different genre. But how were they successful at this?

  • PlayRix was a veteran casual game developer, through their history they’ve seen the cycles that casual game players go through. They knew that the audience would eventually hunger for a deeper layer of narrative and decoration.
  • PlayRix made the right choice to move to match 3 overstaying in the Hidden Object genre. This allows them to scale their content faster, pace through luck, and monetize off players more from the core puzzle gameplay
  • Their core monetization strategy relied entirely on the match 3. They do not allow players to purchase decorations directly (like most hidden object decoration games do) instead they relied on the core gameplay to drive monetization.
  • Strong decoration + narrative aspects brought innovation to the match 3 genre. While adding these systems, the core success criteria for a puzzle game stayed intact.

As a result, PlayRix have successfully merged the Hidden Object and Matching game genres, and pushed everyone in the matching genre to think twice about just blindly following the trend of saga based progression. Whether intentionally or not, PlayRix have turned heads in the matching genre. No longer are casual game developers believing that Saga is the only model. You’re already starting to see the trend take impact: more matching games have decoration & story at its core, more games are looking to combine new systems wrapping around a matching gameplay.

taken from

Gardenscapes FAQ

How do I play Gardenscapes?

In Gardenscapes, you beat match-3 levels while you restore a garden. Match-3 levels are an essential part of the game—beating them gives you the stars you need to restore the garden and advance through the storyline.

You also earn coins for beating levels. They can be used to purchase match-3 boosters (Bombs, Dynamite and Rainbow Blast, Rainbow Blast) and additional moves. Boosters can help you beat harder levels. To beat levels, you need to complete level goals. Make matches with three or more pieces of the same kind to achieve the goals. Use the stars you earn by beating levels to complete tasks in the garden. Each level you beat earns you a star. There are always events and competitions going on in the game. You can access them after you beat a certain number of levels.


How do I play match-3 levels in Gardenscapes?

– You have to complete one or more goals to beat match-3 levels. The goals are displayed before you begin each level. – Match three or more pieces of the same type to complete goals and progress through the levels. – There are various obstacles that make the levels more challenging. – You usually have a limited number of moves for each level, so use them wisely.

IMPORTANT NOTE! The more moves you have left at the end of each level, the bigger your reward will be!


Why do I have to play match-3 levels?

Match-3 levels are an essential part of the game—beating them gives you the stars you need to restore the garden and advance through the storyline. You also earn coins for beating levels. They can be used to purchase match-3 boosters.

I’m stuck on a level in Gardenscapes. How can I finally beat it?

Some levels are really hard to beat, though none are impossible! Don’t give up, and be careful when formulating your strategy. Here are some general tips for you:

– Check the goals before levels start and try to match the pieces you need first in order to complete levels faster.
– Examine the game field before starting and plan your first moves in advance rather than making random matches.
– Don’t follow the clues suggested by the game all the time, as they are not always your best option. Only use them when you don’t see any other possible matches.
– Try to make matches at the bottom of the field, since falling pieces increase your chances of getting automatic matches.
– Try to make bigger matches so you can get more powerful power-ups!
– Try to detonate several power-ups at a time to charge the Rainbow Blast faster!
– Try to find the level tutorial you need on our YouTube channel. It should help!


How do I restore my lives? How many can I have?

Lives are a representation of the number of tries you have to beat levels. You can have a total of five lives, and you lose one every time you don’t beat a level. It takes 30 minutes to refill one life. You can see how many lives you have and how much time is left until the next one is refilled in the top left corner of the garden screen.
You can also use coins to refill lives or ask your friends or team members to send you them. To request or send lives, tap the lives icon in the top left corner of the garden screen, use your team chat, or go to the Inbox tab in the in-game tablet. You can send lives to each of your friends, with or without their request, only once a day. You can accept the lives sent to you once you have less than five. You can ask for lives once a day at any time during the day.
Please note that the envelope only appears on the lives icon when you have less than five lives or when your friends ask you for lives.
IMPORTANT NOTE! If your friend sends you an extra life when you already have the maximum of five or unlimited lives, you’ll be still able to use it later—it won’t disappear.

What’s a Power-up in Gardenscapes? What kinds are there?

Power-ups appear on the game field once you match four or more pieces. These are what’s available in the game right now:
1. Firecrackers explode all neighboring tiles. You can get them by matching four pieces of the same color.
2. Bombs explode everything within a two-tile radius. You can get them by matching five pieces of the same color.
3. Dynamite explodes everything within a three-tile radius. You can get it by matching six pieces of the same color.
4. TNT explodes everything within a four-tile radius. You can get it by matching seven or more pieces.

What kinds of boosters are available in the game?

1. Rainbow Blast: this booster lets you start the level with a Rainbow Blast placed randomly on the field.
2. Double Bombs: you start the level with two Bombs placed randomly on the field.
3. Rainbow Blast and Dynamite: you start the level with a Rainbow Blast and Dynamite placed randomly on the field.
4. Shovel: you can remove one piece or one obstacle layer from a tile. This booster is only available once you start playing a level.
5. Rake: you can clear all the tiles in a column and a row without using a move. This booster is only available once you start playing a level.
6. Gardening Glove: you can swap any two adjacent pieces or power-ups without using a move. This booster is only available once you start playing a level.

Why do I need in-game coins, and how do I get them?

Coins are an in-game currency.
You can use them to:
– buy boosters.
– buy additional moves on levels.
– refill lives.
– speed up timed tasks in the garden.
You can get coins:
– as a reward for beating match-3 levels.
– as a reward for completing game days.
– as a reward for restoring areas in the garden.
– from in-game characters as a token of their gratitude for your help or other achievements.
– as random finds you come across in the garden while you’re restoring it.
– for updating the game.
– for helping your team members.
– for purchasing decorations from the decor catalog.
– as in-game purchases available for real money.
The coins you earn by beating levels are multiplied while the Happy Times offer is on (find out what factor they’re multiplied by in the special offer window).

Why do I need stars, and how do I get them?

Stars are a special in-game resource you need to complete garden restoration tasks. They’re earned by playing levels, where you get one star for each level you beat.



How do I unlock new areas in the garden in Gardenscapes?

The garden is divided into areas that are unlocked one after another. It takes 3–5 game days to restore each area (complete all the tasks in it). It takes up to five stars to complete tasks in the garden, so beat match-3 levels to earn them. It takes more time to complete certain tasks, though you can always speed up the process if you don’t want to wait. Follow your progress and current tasks using the in-game tablet in the bottom left corner of the screen.



How do I personalize an area in the garden?

You can change the way most of the objects in the garden look after they’ve been built or restored using Design Mode. Tap and hold an object in the garden (a bench, street light, flower decoration, etc.) to see the available designs and pick the one you like.
IMPORTANT NOTE: you can change how objects look, but you can’t change where they’re located!

How do I change my name or my pet’s name in the game in Gardenscapes?

You can change your name or the name of your dog whenever you want:
1. Go to Settings.
2. Tap Change Name.
3. In the window that appears, tap Change Your Name to change your in-game name or Change Pet Name to change your pet’s name.

How can I change my profile picture in Gardenscapes?

You can pick a profile picture from among the ones in Gardenscapes or use your Facebook profile picture if the game is connected to your Facebook account.
Go to settings and tap the picture on the Your Profile button (if you have a pet, it’s on the Change Name button). Choose a picture, then tap OK to confirm your choice.
IMPORTANT NOTE: – Profile pictures are available to all players at level 24 and above. – If you have chosen to use your Facebook profile picture, bear in mind that it will not be displayed if the game is disconnected from your Facebook account.

What are events? How do I take part in them?

Apart from regular levels and tasks in the garden, there are temporary events available in the game to make it even more exciting. They’re usually associated with holidays (Christmas, Lunar New Year, Easter, Halloween, etc.) and are part of every major update. You can find out about upcoming events and their approximate dates in update descriptions or the game news.

All events have their own timers and end once the timer runs out. You can also find out about events, their dates, and your event progress in the Events tab of the tablet.

There may be several events going on at the same time.

Events may feature:
– a unique set of match-3 levels
– a special match-3 mode or special tasks in the garden
– a set of rewards for completing tasks
– special decorations or temporary changes in the garden
– discounts on in-game purchases and special offers.

Apart from holiday events, there are also regular time-limited events in the game:
Orangery Flower
Magic Hats
Treasure Hound
Dog Training
Bumper Crop
First Time’s a Charm
Gardeners’ League (available for Teams)


1. Events don’t help you with garden restoration, which is why participation is optional.
2. Some in-game events are not available on devices with insufficient memory, including:
– iOS and Android devices with less than 600 Mb.
– Amazon Kindle devices with less than 900 Mb.




How do the competitions work?

– You can only access the competition after you have completed the first stage of the event (see What is the Fireworks Festival?, What is the Electric Show?, or What is the Bumper Crop event?). – Competition groups are made up of randomly chosen players, with each group consisting of up to 50 players at roughly the same level. – You can see your competition ranking by tapping the event site, or the event icon on the left side of the screen. – You’ll get a reward for a top spot on the leaderboard only after the event ends and the results are calculated. Rewards you get during the event are for achieving your personal goals, not for a particular spot on the leaderboard.



How do I invite friends?

Facebook discontinued support for in-game friend invites, that is why the Invite Friends window is currently unavailable. We’re working on a different way to add friends, and this functionality will be introduced shortly. However, you can still exchange lives with your Facebook friends that play Gardenscapes.

How can I make sure my game progress is saved?

Your game progress is saved automatically if your device is connected to the internet, so it won’t be lost even if you reinstall the game. You can also connect your game to Facebook to save your progress.
IMPORTANT NOTE: if you reset all the settings on your device, you can only restore your progress on your own if the game is connected to Facebook. You can also only transfer progress from one device to another when the game is connected to Facebook.

Can I start the game over?

Unfortunately, you can’t start the game over on the same device. However, you can install the game on a different device to play from the beginning.
IMPORTANT NOTE: if your game is connected to Facebook, make sure you don’t connect it to the same account on another device. Otherwise your progress will be synchronized.

System requirements for Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is compatible with:
– All Apple devices running iOS 9.0 and later.
– All Android and Amazon Kindle devices running Android 4.2 and later.
Unfortunately, Gardenscapes is not currently available for devices running Windows Phone or other operating systems, but we’re leaving that possibility open for the future. Stay tuned and follow the latest news on the official Gardenscapes Facebook page.
The minimum system requirements for the game are listed below.
Please bear in mind that they may change in the future if program modifications are introduced into the game.
1Gb of RAM.
– At least 500 Mb of free space.
– A stable internet connection.
IMPORTANT NOTE! Some in-game events are only available on devices with more than 600 Mb of RAM. We strongly recommend complying with the minimum system requirements to ensure smooth and problem free game play. You can find more information about your device in your device’s settings, or by checking with the manufacturer.

Can I replay levels in Gardenscapes?

Unfortunately, no. Levels you beat can’t be replayed.



I think there’s a bug in a level

If you think that something in a level is not working the way it should, follow these steps:

1. Restart your device and reenter the game.
2. Make sure your game is updated to the latest version. You can find out more information about this in the relevant article.

If nothing mentioned above helped, please contact our customer support, providing the following information (if possible):
– What exactly is going wrong.
– Which actions lead to the problem.
– When the problem occurred for the first time (after updating the game, when reinstalling it, or at some other point).
– A screenshot of the problem.



Why is the level in the YouTube walkthrough different from what I see in my game?

The game is constantly evolving and the levels change along with it, so sometimes you may find outdated walkthroughs on YouTube. But never fear, updated walkthroughs will be uploaded soon!



A Rainbow Blast is blocking the exit tile for a Glass of Lemonade. What should I do?

As you play, a Rainbow Blast can sometimes block the tile where a Glass of Lemonade would leave the field. Make sure to activate the Rainbow Blast before it blocks the exit. If it’s too late, you can use a Shovel or a Rake booster to activate the Rainbow Blast. You can also swap the Rainbow Blast and the Glass of Lemonade using a Gardening Glove booster.



Why does a level start over if I answer a phone call?

The game is sometimes removed from the device’s memory when you receive a call or leave the game to send a message. Unfortunately, any recent actions you’ve taken in the game are not saved when this happens.



Why do other players have more levels unlocked than I do?

Our team is constantly creating new levels. We add 35 new levels every week that are available to all our players. However, a specific test group of players receives new levels earlier than the rest. This is how we keep track of bugs and fix them quickly. This is the only situation in which some players might have more levels than others.



What is the Decor Catalog?

The Decor Catalog contains sets of thematic decorations for different garden areas. It’s available to players who’ve already restored the Treehouse Area. Tap the icon next to the tablet in the bottom-left corner of the screen to access the catalog. You can access collections for different garden areas once you’ve restored those areas.

New collections will become available as you keep restoring the garden and beat new levels. You can buy decorations using a special currency—GardenCash (see the How do I earn GardenCash? article). All the decorations you buy remain in the game, and you can replace them whenever you want. Players who assemble entire collections get additional rewards. Tap the gift box icon on the progress bar at the top part of the catalog to see what’s inside.

There are unique decorations for each garden area. Not all the areas have collections yet, but collections for those areas will be available soon.



How do I earn GardenCash in Gardenscapes?

Earn GardenCash that you can use to buy thematic decorations:
– by beating hard and super hard levels.
– by participating in events.
– as a reward for restoring the garden.



How do I place decorations from the catalog?

– Tap the icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen to open the Decor Catalog.
– Pick the area you want to decorate (for example, the Treehouse Area).
– Pick the collection (for example, Tropical Paradise).
– Tap the decoration you like (for example, Bungalow) to preview it in the garden.
– If you have enough GardenCash, tap the green check mark to confirm your purchase.
– Enjoy your unique garden decorations! You can also access the Catalog by tapping and holding items in the garden.



What are teams in Gardenscapes?

Teams are groups of players looking to chat and join forces. Team members can send each other lives and participate in in-game activities together. Once you reach Level 36, you can create a team yourself or join an existing one. There are two types of teams: open, which anyone can join; and closed, which require the team leader’s approval to join. Teams can have up to 30 members. Tap the icon in the bottom left-hand corner to open the team window.
Important note: you need to be connected to the internet to access teams.



How do I join or create a team?

Creating a team
You can only create a team if you’re not currently a member of any team.
1. Open the team window and go to the Create team tab.
2. Enter a team name. This field is mandatory.
Important: Once you create your team, you can’t change its name!
3. Enter your team description and then choose its badge and type.
4. Set a required level for entry. Players below that level in the game won’t be able to join your team. Important: The required level can’t be higher than your own level in the game.
5. Tap the Create button. Creating a team costs 500 in-game coins.
Joining an existing team
Here are the different ways to join an existing team:
– Go to the Join Team tab and tap any team;
– Go to the Top Teams tab and tap any team;
– Tap the Search button in the Join Team or Best Teams tab, enter a team name, and tap one of the teams in the search results;
– Ask your friend for their team’s ID. To find it, tap the team’s badge: in the pop-up window, there’s a combination of letters and numbers. If you want to find a team using its ID, type it into the search bar.
– Go to the Friends tab, tap a friend’s name, and then tap the team they’re on. The team window will open. If you want to join that team, tap the Join button.
If it’s a closed team, your request will be sent to the team leader.


How do I join a different team?

You can only be a member of one team at a time. If the team you want to switch to is an open team, you’ll be prompted to confirm the team change after tapping
If the team is closed, you need to leave your current team first. To leave the team, tap the About button in the My team tab and tap Leave.
Be careful: if you change teams frequently, you’ll have to wait a while before you can request lives from your new team members.


How can I change my team name?

Unfortunately, once created, your team name cannot be changed. Choose your team name carefully, and be sure not to use any offensive language or personal information.


How can I request lives from my team members?

Team members can send lives to each other. Open the Chat tab and tap Request. All the other team members will see it and be able to send you lives, though they can only send lives once per request. When you help another team member, you get several coins and weekly help points that count toward your team score. The score resets every week.


What can a team leader do?

The team leader is the person who created the team. They can change the settings (team description, required level, badge, type) and remove players from the team if necessary. If the leader leaves the team, whoever joined the team earliest becomes the next leader.


Team Chat

Open the Chat tab in the team window. Here you can send messages, request and send lives, and get notifications if a player joins or leaves your team.


How do I report rude team members?

We like to think that all Gardenscapes players treat each other politely and respectfully. However, as in any large community, sometimes we have to deal with inappropriate behavior. Our game has filters that prohibit players from using offensive language in team names or in chat messages.
However, words sometimes do slip through them. If someone used an offensive word in your team chat and it wasn’t blocked, tap the message to see the Report option that you need to tap. The message will be deleted, and we’ll handle the situation from there. We also suggest that team leaders remove players from their teams when they use offensive language.


How do I invite a friend to join my team?

Playing with friends is more fun, which is why you can now invite friends to join your team! To do so, go to the Friends tab in the Teams menu, tap the friend you’d like to invite, then tap “Invite to my team”.
Your friend will see an invitation in the Inbox tab of their in-game tablet that they can accept or reject. If you don’t see the “Invite to my team” option, your friend might already be on your team!
Please note:
– Teams are open to all players at Level 35 and above. Your friends need to reach Level 35 before you’ll be able to invite them.
– You can invite a maximum of ten friends per day.
– You need to wait seven days before you can resend an invitation to a friend.



How do I attract players to my team?

So you created a team and picked a nice badge, but you still have no teammates? We’ve got you!
Here are a couple tips that will help you find new teammates and maybe even new friends!
– Writing a description that aligns with your team’s philosophy is half the job. That way, new players will understand your goals.
– We recommend that you don’t require a high level for joining new teams. This will help you attract players who haven’t reached high levels yet, but who want to play, compete, and help their teammates.
– If you already have teammates, log in to the game more often to exchange lives with them. An active team is the key to success!
Good luck finding more awesome teammates!



How do I find a team by ID?

To make finding your friends’ teams easier, we’ve made it possible to search for teams using IDs. You can type in a team ID the same way you’d type in a team name.
Here’s how you can find a team’s ID:
– Tap the team badge.
– The team’s ID is at the top of the About window and will be a combination of numbers and letters.



Team Chest

Team Chest is a regular in-game event. During the event, you collect golden shields with your team members in order to open a chest with rewards. You have to collect a set number of shields before the event time runs out. The event doesn’t feature special levels, so you just keep playing the game from where you are in the main level chain. Players get shields for beating regular levels as well as levels with chests.
– You must reach Level 36 and be on a team to participate in this event.
– If you leave your team during the event, you won’t get the reward from the chest.
– You need to be connected to the internet to access the event. If you play offline and earn shields, they will only be counted toward the team score if you open the game while connected to the internet before the results are announced.



Gardeners League

The Gardeners’ League is a team competition that occurs regularly in the game and is time-limited. The goal is to beat out other teams for a spot in the top five. To do this, you need to earn gold shields by beating levels. Each victory earns you a shield. The total number of shields earned by members of the same team are tallied at the end. You can find the rewards for the top five teams in the main event window. If your team is among the top five, each team member will get 1/30 of the reward. The event doesn’t feature special levels—just keep playing regular match-3 levels.
– Any player who is on a team can participate in the Gardeners’ League.
– Your team needs to have at least five members in order to participate.
– If you leave or switch teams during the event, you won’t get a reward.
– You need to be connected to the internet to access the leaderboard.



Lucky Spin

The Lucky Spin is available in the game as a daily bonus. Every day at midnight (your local time) a character called Einar drops by your garden with his Lucky Spin.
Tap him or the Lucky Spin icon on the left side of the screen to open the Lucky Spin window, then tap Stop! -> Claim Prize. Y
ou have a chance at winning prizes like boosters, or, if you’re really lucky, the Jackpot as your daily bonus! If you don’t collect your bonus right away, don’t worry, it doesn’t go anywhere. You can collect it later that day if you enter the game.
– You need a stable internet connection to collect your daily bonus.
– Your device time and date settings must be correct.
– You can only get the daily bonus once a day. Uncollected bonuses for previous days are not saved, nor do they accumulate.



What rewards are available in the game?

There are a number of ways you can get coins, boosters, and additional and unlimited lives separately or packaged as rewards.
1. You can receive coins:
– for beating match-3 levels;
– for restoring areas in the garden;
– from the game characters as a token of their gratitude when you help them;
– as a daily bonus;
– for winning contests on our official Facebook page;
– for updating the game;
– for installing decorations from the Decor Catalog.
2. You can receive boosters:
– as a daily bonus;
– for winning contests on our official Facebook page.
3. You can receive additional lives:
– as a daily bonus;
– from game characters as a token of their gratitude when you help them.
4. You can receive a whole set of rewards (coins, boosters, and/or unlimited lives):
– for completing game days (once you finish all the tasks displayed in the tablet for a certain game day);
– as a Jackpot in the daily bonus;
– for completing tasks during special events



I think I spent too many stars on a task in the game

Some game tasks are completed in several stages, and each stage can cost several stars. Even different stages of the same task can cost a different amount of stars. If you haven’t completed the task yet, check your in-game tablet—maybe you’re working on one such task right now. If you’ve already completed the task and you still have doubts, please contact Customer Support. We’ll do our best to assist you!



How do I switch between different garden areas?

We created a map to help you and Austin switch between different parts of the garden. Tap the map icon at the bottom of the screen next to the Decor Catalog icon to switch between expansions. Tap the icon of the expansion you want to go to and Austin’s icon will move there, showing your current location.
Please note:
-The map is available to all players who have restored the Picnic area and unlocked the second expansion.
– You can also switch between the first and second expansions by tapping the yellow arrow by the bridge connecting the Picnic and Guesthouse areas.



How do I personalize an area in the garden?

You can change the way most of the objects in the garden look after they’ve been built or restored using Design Mode. Tap and hold an object in the garden (a bench, street light, flower decoration, etc.) to see the available designs and pick the one you like.
IMPORTANT NOTE: you can change how objects look, but you can’t change where they’re located!


I’m missing some lives my friends sent me

1. Check your internet connection. Make sure it’s working and stable.
2. Make sure your game is connected to Facebook.
3. Restart your device. You may be experiencing temporary problems sending and receiving data, and restarting your device is the easiest way to fix them.



What are unlimited lives, and how do I get them?

Unlimited lives is a special reward that allows you to play match-3 levels without losing lives for a certain amount of time.
There are several ways to get unlimited lives:
– As a reward for participating in regular events (Fireworks Festival, Orangery Flower, Bumper Crop, Dog Training, Electric Show).
– As a reward in the Lucky Spin Jackpot.
– In special offers and sales.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The counter starts immediately after you receive the unlimited lives. The counter cannot be paused. When it comes to events like the Orangery Flower or Dog Training, we strongly recommend beating the level that contains this reward at a convenient time so that you can maximize the benefit of unlimited lives. Please note that the counter will start even if you don’t tap Receive.



There’s something wrong with the lives counter

If the counter is showing an incorrect number of lives or the next life takes more than 30 minutes to refill, there’s probably something wrong with your lives counter.
Try these steps to fix it:
1. Make sure the date and time settings on your device are correct.
2. Restart your device and open the game again.
3. If restarting the game didn’t work, delete the game and reinstall it from the app store. Don’t worry, your game progress won’t be lost! 🙂
If none of the steps above helped, contact our Customer Support. We’ll do our best to help you resolve this issue!



Why can I only have a limited number of lives from my friends and teammates?

Players can’t have more than 15 additional lives, not counting those they receive from game characters. But now you can receive lives from friends as well as request them from your teammates in your team chat. You can request lives every 4 hours. You can find all of your additional lives in the Inbox tab in the in-game tablet.



How do I make in-game purchases?

1. Open the game and tap the coin icon in the top left corner.
2. Choose the amount of coins you want to buy.
3. Select the appropriate payment method.
4. Enter the information required to proceed with the payment.
5. Confirm the purchase.
Once you complete these steps, the coins are added to your game account. If they aren’t, please follow the steps described in the My purchase didn’t show up in the game article.



I can’t make purchases

If you’ve made purchases in the game or other applications before, one of the following reasons may be why: 1. Problems with your internet connection. Your connection has to be stable to process purchases, so we recommend using Wi-Fi or at least a 3G/4G connection. 2. Temporary problems with the application store. All in-game purchases are processed by the store you downloaded the game from, so there is a chance the store is overloaded and unable to process your request. In that case, just wait several minutes and try again. 3. Problems with the store app. These are usually solved by restarting your device. If you’ve never made purchases in the game or other applications, the problem may be one of the following: 1. Incorrect payment information. The easiest way to fix that is to cancel the payment method and start over. 2. Unsupported payment method. It may be that the payment method you want to use is not supported by the application store. The list of available payment methods can be found in the respective sections of the Apple, Google, and Amazon customer support websites. If you’re still having problems making purchases, please contact the application store customer support.


How do I pay for in-app purchases?

Purchases are processed by your app store, so you should use a payment method supported by that store. For the App Store: 1. Credit and debit cards. 2. Content codes. 3. Store credit, including iTunes or Apple Music gift cards. 4. PayPal. 5. Alipay. 6. Mobile phone billing (supported carriers only). For Google Play: 1. Credit and debit cards. 2. Mobile phone billing (supported carriers only). 3. Google Play gift cards. 4. Google Wallet (UK and USA only). 5. PayPal (certain countries). For the Amazon Appstore: 1. Credit and debit cards. 2. Amazon Coins, including Amazon gift cards. IMPORTANT NOTE: Supported payment methods may differ from country to country. Check with Apple, Google Play, and Amazon tech support articles for more information.


How do I edit my payment method?

You can edit your payment method in your account settings. For the App Store: 1. Open device settings -> iTunes & App Store. 2. Tap your Apple ID email and select View Apple ID. You may be asked to log into your account. 3. Select Payment Information. If your device is associated with Family sharing, your payment information can only be edited by the sharing organizer. 4. Edit or remove the information. Tap None to remove a payment method. 5. Tap Done. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you’ve changed your payment method, you may see a temporary authorization hold for a small amount on your payment card (iTunes does that to make sure your new payment account is active). For Google Play: 1. Open Play Store. 2. Tap menu -> Account. 3. Choose Payment methods -> More payment settings. 4. Enter your Google Payments account if asked to do so. 5. Tap Menu in the browser -> Payment methods. 6. Tap Edit under the selected payment method. 7. Apply the changes and tap Save. For the Amazon Appstore: 1. Open Manage Your Content and Devices. 2. Select Settings -> Edit Payment Method. 3. Enter your changes and tap Continue.


How can I cancel a purchase and get a refund?

All purchases are processed by the store you downloaded the game from. To claim a refund, you’ll need to contact the customer support service for that store. Any information you provide to support your claim (e.g., the order number, the purchase time, or your receipt) can considerably speed up the refund process. Cancel a purchase from the App Store Cancel a purchase from Google Play Cancel a purchase from the Amazon Appstore


Can I beat the game without spending any money?

Yes, of course. Gardenscapes is free to play for everyone. All levels can be beaten without spending real money. If you want, you can get some in-game resources using in-app purchases to make things easier, but you certainly don’t have to. You can get boosters and power-ups that help you beat levels as rewards for participating in in-game events and by doing the Lucky Spin. You can also watch the level tutorials on our YouTube channel or check out the tutorial section. You can also find videos of other players beating levels on YouTube. If you are concerned about in-app purchases, you can always set a password or other means of blocking them on your device. This is especially important if children have access to your device.


How do I avoid accidental in-app purchases?

Gardenscapes is free to play, though certain in-game elements can be purchased for real money. To avoid accidental in-app purchases, change your device settings. For iOS devices: 1. Go to Settings on your device -> General -> Restrictions. 2. Choose Enable Restrictions. 3. Enter a password for the Restriction option and confirm it. We recommend choosing a combination that differs from the one you use to unlock your device. 4. Once you enable restrictions, you will see a list of the apps and actions that are permitted on your device. To restrict in-app purchases, turn off the appropriate option. If you don’t want to restrict in-app purchases completely, you can adjust the password settings for them. Make sure your restrictions are disabled and go to device settings -> App Store, iTunes Store -> Password Settings. For Android devices: 1. Open the Play Store app. 2. Tap the Menu icon and select Settings. 3. Tap Require authentication for purchases. 4. Select one of the authentication options. – For all purchases through Google Play on this device. Authentication will be required for all Google Play purchases (including in-app purchases). – Every 30 minutes. The system will request the password for Google Play purchases every 30 minutes. Just note that once you enter a password all purchases made over the following 30 minutes will not need a password. 5. Follow the instructions on the screen. For Kindle devices: 1. Open the Amazon Appstore application. 2. Go to Menu -> Settings. 3. Untick the In-app Purchasing option.


My purchase didn’t show up in the game

Start by checking your internet connection, as it has to be stable for newly purchased items to be added to the game. If it was lost during or right after the purchase, restart your device and check to see if the purchase shows up. If the purchase still doesn’t appear in the game, contact our customer support. Make sure to provide the following information about your purchase: 1. The exact amount of the items you purchased. 2. The approximate time of your purchase. 3. A copy of the receipt or a screenshot of your purchase history. The receipt is emailed to the account used to make the purchase soon after the purchase is completed. You can find more information about your purchase history in the customer support section on the Apple website.


Why didn’t I receive coins immediately after purchasing them?

All the purchases you make in our game are processed by the application store from which you downloaded the game. The purchases are usually completed immediately, but sometimes there may be a short delay. It may depend on the application store or the speed of your internet connection. We suggest purchasing in-game resources using a stable internet connection. If the purchase doesn’t appear in your game, try restarting your device. If you still don’t see it after that, please contact our Customer Support and we will assist you.


Gold Reserve special offer

Special offer gives you the chance to buy coins. In addition to standard rewards, you’ll get bonus coins for each level you beat while the special offer is on. The coins will be kept in a special safe, and you’ll have the chance to buy them at a great price as soon as you collect the number listed in the offer terms. Bonus coins don’t affect the regular reward for beating levels: you earn as many stars as usual with the safe and without it. You can buy all the coins at once as soon as you collect the required amount, or you can continue saving them up to buy them later, in which case the deal will be even better. The amount of bonus coins you get depends on the number of regular coins you get for beating levels. The more coins you win, the bigger the bonus. You get bonus coins for beating regular levels only. You can’t disable the safe, but you can simply ignore it. You won’t lose anything if you don’t use it!


How do I open the Gold Reserve?

When the Gold Reserve offer is on, you get bonus coins for each level you beat. Those coins are stored in a special safe. Once the number of coins in it reaches the amount indicated in the offer, you’ll have the chance to buy them at a great price.


How do I earn and use my Google Play Points?

Google Points is a new rewards program introduced by Google Play available in the USA (Learn more). To sign up, please check this link. How do I earn points? You earn points when you buy in-app items, apps, games and more with Google Play. You can learn more by following this link. How do I use Google Play Points with Playrix games? There is only one option available now – a $2 coupon for 100 Google Points that can be used in the game the player chooses. To get the coupon and use it in your game, please follow these steps: 1. Open Google Play Store app on your Android and press the menu button (3 horizontal lines left of the search bar). 2. Choose Play Points (keep in mind this will only be available if you live in the USA). 3. Next tap the tab “Use” and scroll down until you find the coupon that you want to spend your points on. When you find it just tap it and then confirm by pressing “Use Points”. 4. If you want to use your coupon now, select “Open App” and you’ll be able to make a purchase in the game, otherwise just select “Ok” and use your coupon at a later date. Any coupons exchanged with points will expire after 12 months. 5. Keep in mind the discount will not be visible in the game until you get to the last step of the purchase where you get the breakdown of your charges and you see the applied discount before you press “Buy”. Important notes: The discount will not be applicable to a purchase if it is bigger than the item. That means a $2 discount cannot be applied onto an order that costs $0,99, it can be used for a purchase that costs $1,99 and more. The highest applicable discount will always be used for each purchase. In summary, a $5 discount will be used before the $2 discount if both are applicable to that specific item (and only one coupon can be used per purchase). Are you having trouble using your points? Please read this article on fixing problems with Google Play Points. If the article above was not able to resolve your issue, please contact Google Support directly through this link.


I lost my game progress

1. Restart your device. 2. Reinstall the game and reconnect it to Facebook if it was previously connected. 3. Tap Select in the pop-up window in the On server option. 4. Type OK to confirm. If that doesn’t fix the problem, please contact our Customer Support, and provide the following information: 1. A detailed description of the problem. 2. The match-3 level you were on. 3. The garden area where the problem occurred. 4. What happened before your progress was lost (you reinstalled the game, changed devices, updated the software, etc.). 5. What task you were completing before the problem occurred (for example, Plant flowers or Restore the statue).


I’ve lost a decoration, booster, or coins

If you notice that the number of decorations, boosters, or coins you have changed without you doing anything, please contact our Customer Support: – Specify the items you lost and their amount. – Describe what you did before the loss occurred (installed an update, switched devices, etc.).


How can I transfer my saved game progress to a new device?

You can transfer your game progress from an old device to a new one by connecting the game on your new device to the same Facebook account you used for the first device: 1. Install the game from the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore onto the new device. 2. Connect the newly installed game to the same Facebook account you used on the old device. 3. Tap Select in the pop-up window in the On server option. 4. Type OK to confirm. Your game progress will be transferred and you can enjoy playing the same game on the new device. Please contact our Customer Support if you need help syncing your progress.


How do I continue the game on a new device without connecting it to Facebook?

If your game isn’t connected to Facebook, but you have access to your old device, our Support team will help you transfer your game progress manually. Here’s what you need to do: 1. Go to Settings and find your game’s ID at the bottom of the window. It’ll look like this: 12345678910. Send us a message from the game installed on your new device providing this ID. This will help us transfer your progress. 2. If you can’t see your ID in the game settings, please send us a message from the game installed on one of your other devices, and wait for a reply from our Customer Support.


Can I play the game on multiple devices?

You can play on multiple devices, but only if your game is connected to Facebook. There are also a number of requirements you have to meet before you can synchronize it: 1. You have to have the same version of the game on the devices you want to sync. 2. Both devices must meet the minimum system requirements. 3. Cross-platform synchronization is only available between iOS and Android devices (e.g., you can’t sync games between your iPad and Facebook). Here’s how to synchronize your devices: 1. Connect to Facebook in the game settings or on the title screen. 2. Install the game from the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon App Store on the second device. 3. Connect the downloaded game to the same Facebook account you use on the first device. 4. Tap Select in the pop-up window in the On server option. 5. Type OK to confirm. If you’re having problems synchronizing your game, please contact Customer Support, and we’ll be happy to help you!


I’m on a different level on each of my devices

If you play on multiple mobile devices and your game level is lower on one of them, try the following: 1. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection (WiFi is preferable). 2. Disconnect the game with a lower level from Facebook. 3. Reinstall the game on this device and reconnect it to Facebook. ________________________________________________________________________________

Can I play the game on both my computer and my mobile device?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to sync your game on an iOS or Android device with the game on any other platform (for example, MacOS, Windows, or Facebook).


Can I have two game accounts on a single device?

We don’t recommend having more than one game account per device. Every account has a unique ID associated with the device on which the game was started. If you try to add another account, your progress in the first one may be irretrievably lost.


What is cheating?

Cheating is bypassing game rules or mechanics in order to receive an unfair or unearned advantage. Players are also considered to be cheating when they use any third-party software to access, run, alter, or modify the game or game progress. To protect our players and ensure that everyone plays fairly, we investigate rule-breaking and cheating activities and take action against the accounts of those who play unfairly. Measures can include the blocking of accounts. The following is considered a violation fair play rules: – Exploiting in-game bugs (in order to speed up or alter game progress). – Disclosing account passwords to third parties for the sake of profit. – Installing Gardenscapes from other sources than the official application stores. – Using third-party software to manipulate game progress. – Manipulating the lives counter. – Purchasing in-game currencies or items from sources other than the in-game store. Bear in mind that there is no official or approved external software, whether free or paid for, that alters gameplay in Gardenscapes. We also do not employ the services of third parties to sell in-game currencies or items. Keep your account safe!


How to report a cheater?

If you believe a player in the game is cheating (e.g. gaining high scores in the competitions in an extremely short time), please take a screenshot and report it to Customer Support with a detailed explanation. We thoroughly investigate each report to ensure there’s no cheating in the official version of the game.


I have been flagged for cheating. What should I do?

If you’ve been flagged for cheating, it means our monitoring system has detected malicious activity in your account. Depending on the violation, you may either have had your progress reset or have had your account blocked. If you believe this has been done in error, please contact Customer Support and attach screenshots of your purchases in Gardenscapes. If we determine that you were not cheating, your game progress will be restored.


How do I report inappropriate ads?

We do our best to make the game as enjoyable as possible. Unfortunately, we don’t have direct control over the content of the ads you watch to earn additional rewards. However, we’ll be happy to contact our advertising partners and ask them to take down inappropriate ads. Here’s how you can help us: take a screenshot of the ad’s end screen and send it to our Customer Support. After that, we’ll take measures to have the ad taken down.


I’ve encountered offensive language in the game. What should I do?

Our game has filters that prohibit the use of offensive language. However, sometimes words slip through these filters. If you come across an offensive word or name, you should take a screenshot and send it to our Customer Support with a detailed description. We’ll thoroughly investigate your report and handle the situation from there.


Subway Surfer Cheats


Subway Surfer cheats, hacks, tips and tricks | Cheat Subway Surfer | Download Subway Surfers MOD APK | Subway Surfers Hack Unlimited Coins | Cheats and Coins for Subway Surfer | Subway Surfers HACK: Unlimited Coins & Keys | Subway Surfers Game Cheats for Android | Free Subway Surfers Hack and Cheats MOD APK Tool | Subway Surfers Cheats and Cheat Codes | Cheats for Subway Surfers | Subway Surfers hack 2020


The Subway Surfers Wiki cannot be held responsible for a hack or change to one’s copy of Subway Surfers in which results in the event of corruption of the game or save files, or otherwise any events that ruined the experience for the user. Please use these cheats/hacks at your own risk.



A Free Past Board

This cheat gives you the Miami-Special Board for FREE! The instuctions of this cheat is the same as Time Travel Cheat.


  1. Go to your device’s setting and change the date and time to “May 30, 2013.”
  2. Open Subway Surfers and check your Boards Section.
  3. See if you got the Miami-Special Board!
  • Note: This cheat may not work!



Jetpack-Jump is a glitch using a jetpack where you can jump really high if you jump at the right moment. Steps

  1. Pickup a Jetpack.
  2. Right after the jetpack runs out of fuel, swipe up quickly.
  3. See if you character, jumps in mid air.
  • Note: Swipe up quickly After you get the last coin.
  • Another Note: This glitch may also land you on top of the train.


Back Forward Run

Back Forward Run is a rather funny glitch that allow your chraracter to run backwards. Steps

  1. Buy or get in the Mystery Box a Mega Headstart.
    Back Forward Run screenshot

Back Forward Run (PC)

  • Start playing and die in a few seconds you begin.
  • Just as you die, click on your headstart to activate it. You will fly back forward.
  • Note: It is very hard, so maybe you will need more than one try.
  • Another Note: Sometimes when you try to do it, it ends up occurring the “Moving Smoke” glitch.
  • Third Note: If you have an update less than Rio, you should use Headstart Instead?


Time Travel 

Time Travel will allow you to buy removed limited edition characters, and other special mission with limited time, but note that the scene will not change.


  1. Go to your device’s setting and click “Date and Time.”
  2. Set the time on stuff you want in the chart below.

Time Chart


Time Travel 2

Similar to the Time Travel cheat, you can also extend the weekday events (e.g. Fabulous Fridays) by manipulating your device’s time zone settings. In this way, you can take advantage of a 24-hour event for up to 48 hours. Most useful for extending Mega Jackpots and Super Mystery Box Mania, and also for filling in up to 24 hours of the normally unused weekend. Has no effect on Daily Challenges.


  1. Go to your device’s setting and click “Date and Time”.
  2. Set the time zone earlier or later to start an event earlier or end it later.


Lucky Death

Lucky Death is when you bump into an obstacle you will just stand and run without moving, until you move to another lane, continuing the game.


  1. When there is an obstacle in front of you, and a train on the right (left), in a moment before death quickly turn to the side of the train.
  2. Swipe in any direction to keep moving!
  • Note: This glitch is very rare so it won’t always work.


Coin-Doubler Jetpack

This cheat will allow you to collect 2 coins, when riding a jetpack.


  1. Get Super Sneakers power-up.
  2. When you’re lucky, you might find a jetpack, when the super sneakers isn’t de-activated yet. (Can be easy if the Super Sneakers is upgraded.)
  3. Swipe to collect coins, as you can see the coin meter fills it 2 coins every coin collected.



Hover-Mixture is a glitch which the jetpack will act like a hoverboard. This is a crazy glitch that doesn’t affect anything, also to active this glitch the hoverboard is supposed to end perfectly while picking up a jetpack at the same time, which is almost impossible to occur.


  1. Activate a hoverboard.
  2. Wait until the hoverboard ends.
  3. This is the hard part: When the hoverboard perfectly ends, pick up a jetpack at the same time.



Coin Accelerator

Coin Accelerator is a hack that gives you a lot of coins. You’ll must need the Rio or a newer Update to activate this hack, you also need a program for it. You can do this on 2 ways: Android Download or PC Transfer. But the Android Download is much easier, though the Hacking App is no longer available in Google Play.


Android Download:

Steps (The app has been removed!)

  1. Go to Google Play
  2. Search for “Subway Surfers Cheat.” (The icon must be the same icon as Subway Surfers Rio or a newer update.)
  3. Open the program.
  4. Click the button that says “Get Free Coins.”
  5. Open Subway Surfers.
  • Warning: Your Character Token will revert back to 0.
  • Another Warning: Sometimes if you try to restore you old game data, it might not work, all you’ll be stuck in the hacked version.
  • Note: If you want your old game data back press the button “Restore.”
  • Another Note: This only works on Android.


PC Transfer:

Another option on Android is to install the APK from this external link . You must be running the most recent version of the game. Backup your data first. Note: the above external link is ad supported, which can be a pain for some mobile users (nothing to do with this wiki). If you want to go direct to the apk file, you can click here: nN1YndheX.apk Steps:

  1. Backup Data for Game using Titanium Backup or similar and then uninstall.
  2. Install APK downloaded from the link above
  3. Run game and buy everything you wanted – have a few games too!
  4. Perform a fresh backup of the data now that you have all the upgrades – do NOT overwrite your existing backup from the normal game that you created in Step 1 – Important!
  5. Uninstall the unlimited coin game version and reinstall the normal game version from Google Play
  6. Restore your unlimited/upgraded data ONLY from backup in Step 4 (not the app, just the data) – all your characters, upgrades and boards will appear. You will also have 1,000,000 coins*
  7. Play as normal
  • Note: There is a small risk that your data will not restore. If this happens, then restore both the original game and your original backup data and you will be where you were when you first started.


Moving Smoke

Mid-Air Smoke is a glitch when the Jetpack’s “colored” smoke will go to other directions, other than the jetpack itself. You need the Bouncer hoverboard for this glitch.


  1. Activate Bouncer.
  2. This is the slightly hard part: Pick up a jetpack, at the same time the Bouncer still activated.
  • Note: The cheat might not work.
  • Another Note: Upgrade your jetpack for longer durability.
  • Third Note: Sometimes you don’t need the Bouncer, and this occurs when you do the “Back Forward Run” glitch.



Invisi-Board is a glitch that will make the hoverboard invisible, while surfing. This glitch occurs when you try to do the “Back Forward Run.” glitch, but ended up occuring this glitch.


  1. Start playing and lose in a few seconds you begin.
  2. Just as you lose, click on your mega headstart to activate it. You will fly back forward.
  3. When you land, activate your hoverboard, and look if it’s invisible.
  • Note: Sometimes it’s doesn’t work, so try again, but save some hoverboards and mega headstarts.

Frozen Flyer 1. Start your run and die right away. 2. Use a Mega Headstart right after you die. 3. This may cause you to get a jet pack and fly in the same position as when you died. But if you move you will regain the ability to move.



Subway Surfer Mod APK


The latest Subway Surfers Mod 1.112.1 hack brings with it generator unlimited coins/money and unlimited keys with Max Score including HoverBoards. Download Subway Surfers mods and have lots of fun beating the best scores with coin hacks, subway surfers cheat and free keys, Subway Surfers in Winter Hoilday. Ultimately, it will not matter why the match is indeed fun. You’re going to be too busy playing again and to overthink it. It assembles to a formula that’s in peril to become rancid and also makes it interesting all around. Like Temple Run, the point is always to conduct endlessly to avoid catching. Nonetheless, it’s nonetheless an exceptionally entertaining game. That may possibly be due to the bright setting and happy figures. It could be caused by the dense range of power-ups you encounter because of a possible run. It might possibly be the compact control scheme that takes the best from other games and leaves outside of the parts.



Like many endless runner matches, there is a threadbare storyline to Subway Surfers. You conduct, attempting to dodge capture and obstacles, swiping jump or down to slide. Swiping at side lets you change tracks as you run. On the way, gamers amass coins, which can be properly utilized for powerups, however, those same powerups are also sprinkled over the paths. Subway Surfers’ gameplay is nothing new, you direct your persona together swipes to avoid challenges and obtain coins and power-ups. The developers added several added tricks also, including a”no crash” hoverboard power-up and shifting systems that add a challenge and strategy to your runs.


Subway Surfers APK+ MOD Features:

For the most part, it’s a standard infinite runner that has very good stability of challenge and fun that I would recommend it to anybody. The images are vivid and vibrant and have a cute cartoon artwork style that is kid-friendly. That was just really a surprising amount of customization options that are unlockable using in-game money and in-game arenas also, and it is just really a welcome sight. Now you have lots of personalities, costumes, and cosmetic modifications to choose from to bring some flair into your own game and offer you a wish to shoot for while still playing with. The songs aren’t anything too inspired, however, it also doesn’t be in the way so that’s fine.


Subway Surfers Mod Android Gameplay:

  1. HD Hoverboard Graphics publishes trains together with your team!
  2. Colorful and vibrant HD images!
  3. Paint powered jetpack!
  4. Hoverboard Surfing!
  5. Challenge and help friends and family!
  6. Lightning-fast swipe acrobatics!


Subway Surfers Mod:

  •  The Subway Surfers World Tour continues in exotic Bali
  • The Subway Surfers World Tour goes to idyllic Zurich
  • Follow the Subway Surfers on the World Tour to amazing Atlanta
  • Celebrate Halloween with the Subway Surfers in Rio.
  • Celebrate Halloween with the Subway Surfers in New Orleans
  • The Subway Surfers World Tour continues in lovely Berlin
  • The Subway Surfers World Tour continues in lovely Havana
  • The Subway Surfers World Tour heads to Venice Beach
  • Enjoy the buzzy beach vibes and sunny promenades of LA
  • Add some coolness to your crew with Dylan, the awesome skater
  • Unlock the new Renegade Board and Dylan’s Lifeguard Outfit
  • Get Boombot, the cheerful breakdancing robot, as a free bonus with any purchase
  • Team up with Lauren and unlock the classic Pilot Outfit
  • Fly through the Subway on the majestic Eagle Board
  • Pick up plane models on the tracks to win Weekly Hunt prizes


Subway surfers hack:

  • Travel to mysterious Mexico with the Subway Surfers World Tour
  • The Subway Surfers World Tour continues in colorful Marrakesh
  • Explore sandy deserts, relaxing spas and colorful markets
  • Enjoy the astonishing surroundings with Salma’s new Talisman Outfit
  • Unlock the Magic Carpet board for an enchanting ride down the tracks
  • Introducing the Stats bar to keep track of your High Score and resources
  • Travel to Berlin on the Subway Surfers World Tour
  • Explore cozy parks, street art, and the iconic Brandenburg Gate
  • Add Nina, the cool musician with a unique style, to your crew
  • Unlock Nina’s Cyberpunk Outfit and the spectacular Rockstar board
  • Put your skills to the ultimate test with the new diamond tier for all your favorite Awards
  • Join the Subway Surfers World Tour in Havana, India that is Lovely Just take the colorfulness into the maximal using Jay’s brand new Colour Learn Outfit
  • Look for Vivid bowls of shade powder to win the Weekly Hunt decorations
  • Surf the streets of exotic Mumbai using Jay, the athletic champion
  • Go for a brilliant ride onto your flashy new Color Cloud board


Play Subway Surfers in Moscow with Unlimited Coins:

  • The Surfers are traveling to the astonishing Subway of Miami
  • Surf among floating markets and golden statues in beautiful Bangkok
  • Dash through the streets with Noon, the elegant Thai boxer
  • Search the Subway for seashells and unlock great weekly prizes
  • Compete for shiny medals in the weekly Top Run race.


Subway Surfers MOD APK Latest Updates:

  • Celebrate the Winter holiday in Thailand with the Subway Surfers crew.
  • Enjoy the snowy streets and cozy holiday vibes of enchanting London.
  • Add some style to your crew with Jamie’s classy Top Hat Outfit.
  • Grab the unique opportunity to unlock all holiday-themed characters & boards.
  • Search the tracks for delicious Cookies and win awesome weekly prizes.
  • Surf through the vibrant big city and discover a Subway ready for football celebrations
  • Team up with Alicia, the hip music star, and unlock her cool Tracksuit Outfit
  • Take the Scratchy board for a smooth spin down the upbeat Subway tracks
  • Get the Touchdown Outfit for free when you purchase E.Z., the easygoing street surfer.


How to install Subway Surfers Mod Apk?

  1. Download Subway Surfers Mod Apk from the download section.
  2. Uninstall the game if you have it installed.
  3. Install the Game you downloaded from here.
  4. Run the Game
  5. Look at all the comments below after downloading
  6. Done
  7. Like us on Facebook: or like us using the floating chat head on your right!
  8. Request More Hacks at REQUEST

Click the above button to Start Downloading the Subway Surfers Mod. It’s safe, no virus we keep it real


Gardenscapes Cheats


Gardenscapes Hack 2020 (Working 100%) | GardenScapes Hack 2020 | Gardenscapes Cheats For Unlimited Stars and Coins | GardenscapeS Hack 2020 | Gardenscapes Hack Mod, Hacks, Mod Menus and Cheats | Gardenscapes: New Acres Tips, Cheats and Strategies | GardenScapes cheats – Get Star and Coin Cheat 2020 | Gardenscapes Cheats & Hacks | Gardenscapes Hack & Cheats | Gardenscapes New Acres Cheats Hack tool Unlimited Coins | Gardenscapes Cheats, Codes, and Secrets

Is it possible to cheat in Gardenscapes?
Yes, indeed it is possible to use tools, such as hacks, mods and scripts to cheat in Gardenscapes on iOS, Android and Facebook alike and get more free coins / money, stars, lifes and boosters alike. Using such cheating apps and software will allow you to complete yourgardens more quickly, complete any level easily, get more moves, match more stuff and get more free rewards and gift boxes in Gardenscapes!


Gardenscapes Hack

A game hack is an great little modification to the game data, memory or game code in order to get huge advantages in Gardenscapes on Android or iOS, such as coins, stars, moves, lives, more boosters, easier stages, better random generation of the match-3 stage and so on. Hacks can be activated in Gardenscapes using game hacking tools, mods or through the use of similar apps. The use of modded APK and IPA clients for Android and iOS respectively is without a doubt the most sought-after and arguably best cheat available. Hacks that are available can range from great prize hacks, to free in-game purchases, completing gardens instantly, unlocking new areas, unlimited boosters, infinite stars, unlimited lifes and coins to unlimited moves in the match-3, boosters like bombs, rainbow blasts, dynamite, shovels, rakes and lots more. However, what lovely cheats are possible on your version of Gardenscapes depends on the game platform, the update/build of the game and what hacks may be possible at any time.


gardenscapes mod menu


Gardenscapes Mods

Modded game downloads or short ‘mods’ are the most loved cheat for Gardenscapes out there, because of how easy it is to not only use, but download and install a modded game on your Android / iOS mobile gaming devices. All you have to do to enable hacks using a Gardenscapes Mod is to download a working file, install it instead of the original game and then play the game as usual. – The great thing about this installation process besides how easy it is, is that one needs absolutely no prior experience with game hacking, modding or any advanced technical knowledge whatsoever, making this by far the easiest method of cheating available on any mobile game. On Android you will be able to install modded .APK files and on iOS you will be able to download IPA mods from a modded appstore. On android most mods require no root and no jailbreak, but on iOS you will need a jailbroken device in order to insall a working Gardensapes mod.


gardenscapes mod download


Game Hacking Tools for Gardenscapes

It is not always a viable option to download modified versions of Gardenscapes with the cheats featured that you really like, which is where you are able to use game hacking tools in order to create your own cheating options manually. The way these awesome tools work is by either allowing you to edit or modify the memory of a game, the game data or by emulationg purchases to allow for getting free stuff from the in-game purchase shop. These cheating tools do exist on both Android and iOS devices and are usually used along with tutorials, because they require a lot mor experience and know-how in game hacking than simply installing a Gardenscapes mod. For the best game hacking tools on Android and iOS refer to those articles. – The greatest things about this method is that you can use it whenever you want and on any game you want, no matter if there are downloads for the latest version or update of the game available.


gardenscapes hack tools android ios




Gardenscapes Mod Menu

The mod menus is the greatest and arguably best of all cheats available currently in Gardenscapes, since it is essentially a normal mod on steroids: It comes with an in-game menu allowing the user to activate and deactivate individual cheating options and features, customize parameters and options, usually includes a lot more features than its standard counterparts and some Gardenscapes mod menus even come with automated updates, making looking for the latest and greatest version of the cheat a thing of the past. Usually this kind of app will be a simple downloadable file that can be installed as usual, but in some cases it will come in the form of GameGuardian scripts or similar and may require the installation of additional apps on your device before being able to be run. In any case, getting a working mod menu is just about the luckiest and nicest thing that can happen to any cheater looking to get some working scripts going for Gardenscapes, so if you do, make sure the thank the developer who made the app and bookmark the place where you found the download.


Beware of Fake Cheats / Online Generators and Tools

Any generator, tool, online hack or other cheat that asks you to fill in a Human Verification Survey is a scam and must never be trusted. Legitimate websites will either sell software and apps for a subscription fee or not ask for anything. There are a lot of fake generators for unlimited coins, stars, lifes, completing all gardens ect that are trying to get you to fill in a ‘Human Verification’ and will not give you any working cheats in return. There are sadly no online generators of any kind for Gardenscapes or any Playrix games for that matter.


Gardenscapes: New Acres is a combination puzzler/simulation from Playrix. In this game, players will complete challenging match-3 levels in order to build a luscious and thriving garden estate. Gamezebo’s Gardenscapes: New Acres Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you master both sides of this beautiful game so you have time to stop and smell the roses you planted.

    • Wait to start a new day until you’re low on energy. Gardenscapes: New Acres splits its garden-building simulation into many small tasks spread across multiple days. As you complete tasks, the percentage bar for the current day will fill up. Once you complete the last task for that day, you’ll reach 100%, receive a reward, and be able to start the next day. Starting a new day completely refills your energy meter (up to the max of five lives), so it’s best to wait until you’re out of lives to move on to the next day.
    • You can save up stars as long as you’d like. In order to complete garden tasks like installing benches, fixing the treehouse, etc., you’ll need to spend stars. Stars are only earned by completing the match-3 levels—one star per completed level. Although you can spend stars as soon as you get them since you’ll always have a task on deck, you can also save them up and complete a lot of tasks all in a row for a faster sense of progress. Technically you don’t have to fix the garden at all—you could just play match-3 levels, earn stars, but then never use those stars to help Austin rebuild the estate, but where’s the fun in that?
    • The “social media” aspects are just for fun. Austin will often post news or pictures to his social media feed within the main menu. His friends/family/neighbors will respond to and like posts in the in-game newsfeed, add Austin as a friend, post their own updates, etc. All of this is just for fun and to give you more information on the cast of characters—if you don’t care about the NPCs you can ignore the social media part and just check the current garden tasks on the “To Do” portion of Austin’s tablet menu. You don’t need to keep up-to-date on the feed to continue upgrading the garden.If you see an orange dot, it means there is a new message from one of the characters on the social media feed. (However, there is currently a bug where everything will be orange-dotted when you first open the game. If you open the news feed and exit, the orange dots should go away.)
    • Gnomes move around the match-3 levels. If you fail a match-3 level that requires you to uncover gnomes hidden in grass, the next time you replay the level, the gnomes will not necessarily be in the same location. There is almost always more grass than there are gnomes, and the gnomes can potentially be found under any section of the grass. So don’t put all your efforts into clearing the same grass as last time—rediscover the gnomes first by clearing strategic sections of the board to figure out where they’ve gone to. In the image above, level 91, you can see a small gnome in the upper-left corner. However, on our next attempt of this level there was no gnome in this spot and there was one instead in the bottom-right corner.
    • And remember, you can see gnomes through thin grass. There are two levels of grass in the game: the lighter green, extra thick tiles and the darker green, thin tiles. The lighter green tiles require two matches to be cleared, but they turn into the darker green after the first match. You can see the white of gnomes through the thin areas of the darker green tiles; when trying to find them (on a replay or otherwise), match lighter green tiles once then peek to see if they’re underneath. It’s sort of like Battleship: you should be able to see a gnome, know what direction it’s facing, and even figure out its size by looking at just a few dark green tiles near each other.
    • If you want to buy coins, wait for a sale. At this time, New Acres’ only available in-app purchases are for consumable packs of coins. While the game can be played without making any purchases, coins accrue slowly from in-game activities and buying some extra can help out a lot on hard levels. We do not recommend buying directly from the shop, however.While playing, you’ll randomly be offered sales on bundles of coins—we usually get an offer once or twice a week. The offer will pop up in the garden and then be available via a “sale” icon for a limited time (usually about an hour). These sale bundles are always much better deals than the in-app store, but even these vary in quality. Don’t jump at the first sale you receive; wait for a deal that is actually worthwhile to you. The best sale we’ve seen is 12,000 coins plus three rainbow blasts for $0.99. We’ve also been offered 12,000 coins with nothing else for $6.99, so obviously some deals are better than others.
    • You don’t always need to use the entire board. Many of the match-3 levels have goals that involve very specific items or sections of the board: find gnomes, grow flowers in flowerboxes, clear dirt, etc. If you can focus your efforts on a specific part of the board, do so, and don’t worry about the rest. For instance: don’t try to clear every grass tile, but focus on just the ones with gnomes underneath. Or don’t try to fill every flowerbox: just grow flowers in a few specific ones and leave the others alone. In the image above, we didn’t bother clearing the bottom boxes to reach the last two flowerboxes since we had access to four others already. Clearing paths to every item or corner of the board will often just waste moves and is built in as a distraction. Focus on the level’s goal and the minimum amount of items you need to achieve it.
    • Don’t waste money on speeding up garden tasks. Many of the more involved garden tasks will have a time cost in addition to their star cost. Rebuilding the fountain, for instance, will take 2 hours in addition to 2 stars (twice—for a t total of 4 hours and 4 stars!). You can spend coins to bypass these time limits, but there’s no reason to. Besides being excited to see the fruits of your labor, there’s no benefit in completing a garden task early. You can continue playing match-3 levels and saving up stars for future tasks while the current task finishes. The only time it may be beneficial is if you are on the last task before a new day and want to move forward to refill your lives. Otherwise, save your coins for power-ups and continues.
    • Check the Gardenscapes site for video tips on really difficult levels. Developer Playrix takes note of which levels players are struggling with and often releases videos of those levels being completed on the Gardenscapes Official YouTube channel. Since match-3 boards are inevitably affected by randomness you won’t necessarily see the exact way to beat a stage, but it can be helpful to see if they focus on the bottom half of the board, blowing up obstacles, or some other feat in particular. For instance, we were struggling with level 115 for quite a while, but Playrix’s video showed them matching near the boxes instead of near the chained tiles—following this direction helped us finally pass the stage. New video hints are announced in the News feed in-game accessible via the gear in the upper-right corner.
    • Don’t forget you can change the décor in your garden anytime. When you first place a new item, if you have to choose the type or design, then that item can be changed at any time later on. Just hold your finger on the item you’d like to change until the yellow arrow fills up and the options appear at the bottom of the screen. Objects that you do not choose initially cannot be changed (and holding your finger on these items will inform you of such). It costs a few coins to buy new décor but the cost is minimal—usually around 15 coins. So don’t worry about your design choices initially; if you get sick of those benches, you can always change them.
    • Check in daily for the free spin, even if you don’t have time to play. The free spin is available every day at midnight (and will remain available until you spin for that day) and guarantees either a small amount of coins or a free power-up booster in your booster bank. If you don’t have time to play but can spare a minute to spin the wheel, it’s an easy way to store up power-ups for later, difficult levels.
    • Only pay for a continue if you know you can win in five more moves. If you fail a level, you’ll be given the option to continue playing for 900 coins. This continue will add five moves to your move count and return you to the board as you just left it. We only recommend buying a continue if you know for certain you can beat the level in five moves; if you’re counting on a lucky drop, do not buy it. There have been tons of times we’ve bought a continue, thinking we’d get the last piece we needed to win, and that piece did not show up. Also, you cannot see the board once the continue box pops up, so pay attention to where you’re at as you get low on moves and plot out if you can actually win with a continue.
    • There’s no way to play past levels. Like many map-based match-3 games, Gardenscapes: New Acres progresses level-by-level. However, unlike other match-3s, you will only ever have access to the current stage. You can only play the level you are currently on and cannot revisit previous stages. This means there’s no way to grind for coins; you will only get coins from a stage once you have completed it and moved on to the next one.
    • But you won’t get many coins from beating levels, anyway. Even with a really strong finish, where you have lots of moves left that award bonus coins, you’ll rarely get more than 75 coins from a stage (50 is the base amount you get just for finishing). Your coin income will primarily come from the daily spin and bonuses earned by completing garden-renovating tasks (finishing days, story-based rewards from neighbors, etc.). You will also sometimes be given the option to watch a trailer for Playrix games from the task list–these generally award around 100 coins for watching a 30-second video, so they’re a decent trade-off when available.
    • Explosive chains charge the rainbow blast much faster. If you blow up a firecracker solo, it will not add much to the rainbow blast meter. However, blowing up a firecracker with another firecracker, bomb, etc. will add much more to the meter than blowing up the two explosives individually would. It also saves moves since you aren’t using a separate move for each explosive. Whenever possible, it’s usually beneficial to blow up explosives in groups. The rainbow blast meter carries over once filled, so if it’s almost full and you put out a large blast, you’ll fill the meter and the next blast will begin filling as well (it’s possible to get multiple rainbow blasts off one large explosive chain this way).
    • Swapping a rainbow blast with an explosive does not set off the rainbow blast. If you need to move a rainbow blast over or you want to set off an explosive first, you can swap the two without losing the rainbow blast. This is helpful if your rainbow blast gets stuck in an odd location without any helpful tiles nearby.
    • Explosives appear on the tile you just moved. When making large chains that will create explosives, keep in mind that the explosive power-up will appear in place of the tile you just swapped—the other tiles in the chain collect inside it to create the power-up. If you have multiple directions you could swap, try to swap the tile closest to where you want the explosive to appear.


  • You can collect all acorns on the board with a rainbow blast. Many of the early-to-mid stages require you to collect a certain number of acorns. Since acorns usually already exist on the board and don’t need to fall down like lemonade, one of the easiest ways to accomplish these goals is by swapping an acorn and rainbow blast to collect every acorn on-screen.
  • You can (usually) make matches while tiles are falling, but you probably don’t want to. Tiles fall fairly quickly in New Acres, but if you’re fast enough, it is possible to swap tiles while others are falling. This is helpful if you have a large chain available but it will fall into smaller groups during the cascade. Usually, however, you will want to just wait and see how the tiles fall, as sometimes you’ll end up with automatic chains without having to make another move.
  • Our standard match-3 advice: This is advice that rings true for most match-3 games, and it’s still true for New Acres as well: when all else fails, focus on making matches near the bottom of the board so you get more chains and new tiles to work with. Aim for large chains and explosions whenever possible. If you start with a small board with lots of obstacles, focus on opening the board up so you have more tiles and thus, more opportunities for chains. And finally, luck of the tiles will play a role in your success, so don’t get too frustrated by a poor draw. The next time you try the level, you may start with a TNT chain just waiting for you—there will always be bad days and good. Take a break and talk to Austin if the match-3 portion isn’t going well; enjoy the garden you’ve built.

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